Friday, May 20, 2005

to bouchercon or not to bouchercon

i've never been to bouchercon. this year it's in chicago, a short flight for me, plus i'm fairly familiar with chicago. and this year they're having thriller panels -- which i won't speak on simply because i hate public speaking and am a total failure at trying to teach writing. for one reason, i hate to have to break down and analyze what i do.
okay, so who's going?



Kate said...

I also decided not to go to Boucheron. I've never been, and was told it would be 'a good idea' for me to go, but I feel really nervous at the thought of walking around in a group of mystery fans. My second thriller just came out and yet as a writer you sit alone working all the time, and mass-schmoozing doesn't come naturally. I think the idea is to go, meet bigger writers, and snag blurbs for next year's novel. But--talk about suspense--it's just too scary!

anne frasier said...

oh, you're THAT kate! :)
i read five days in summer and really enjoyed it. haven't read your new one, but i must add that i hardly ever read fiction. most of what i read is for research.

it's hard to guess what these conferences will be like. i always envision some akward introductions and handshakes, but in reality i think things unfold in a much more organic way. at much smaller gatherings, i've accidently met bookstore owners/managers and reviewers. i'm guessing bouchercon is more like that, but i don't know. everybody who goes always gets so excited when they talk about it. :D but they can never describe it.

anne frasier said...

i'm seriously thinking of going. i can use my frequent flyer miles, plus the conference is cheap compared to most conferences.

Kate said...

I know what you mean about reading only for research...I admit the same limitations in my reading lately. Thanks for liking 5Days. Yours is on my pile which I hope to finally get to once I turn in my ms. Boucheron: I have mixed feelings about now going, basically I feel guilty for being anti-social and not being a better business person.