Sunday, December 30, 2007

road closed ahead

As many of you know, I plan to stop posting at the end of the year. Might be back in the spring. We’ll see. I spent a large part of the day putting together my final post. It was full of things like how much fun I've had, and how I'll miss you, but blogger ate the post. Somehow that seems fitting and certainly reminds me of what I won't be missing. So that touching goodbye is gone and I'm not going to retype it.

But this still seems a good time to reflect on 2007.

The highlight of my year was definitely my trip to Sweden. It’s going to be hard to top that. Ever. Other major events – selling my house and moving. Twice!

On the writing front, an exciting high point was reading Jamie Ford’s HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET (coming spring 2009). I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s writing for a couple of years, and my expectations were high. I wasn’t disappointed. The story is amazing, and I predict it will be a major Hollywood movie.

Other blogging friends have signed with agents and finished books, and sales with top houses can’t be far behind. Look out 2008!

This also seems the place to list the top 3 searches that bring people from outside the writing world to my blog. *sniff*

number 3 -- VODKA ENEMA (a popular search this time of the year. :O)

number 2 -- ROOT CANAL VERSUS PULLING THE TOOTH (I eventually chose root canal.)

and the number one topic that continuously brings new readers from around the world to my blog:


I think that pretty much says it all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

acorns roasting on a manifold

just had to share this:

smoke started coming from under the hood, and the car filled with a horrid smell. i expected to become a flaming land torpedo at any second. got the car to a shop. took them all day, but they finally solved the mystery.


yes, the mice have followed me.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


or not a grave? i think it's a grave.


Friday, December 21, 2007

book trailer

here's another one of my daughter's book trailers. i think she did a fantastic job with it.

if you're interested in having her create a trailer for your book, send me an email or leave a comment here and i'll get the contact info to you.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays and Campaign for the American Reader

It's time for my annual posting of the glogg recipe!

1/2 cup vodka
1 - 3 cinnamon sticks
10 cloves
1 teaspoon cardamom

At least twenty-four hours before serving, put above ingredients in container with lid. Shake well, then shake occasionally throughout day.

2 liters of wine. Sangria works well, but any sweet, fruity wine will do.
1/2 cup sugar (more or less, to taste)
Vodka mixture, with cloves and cinnamon sticks strained out.

Put everything in a large pan. Heat well, but don't boil.

Serve with raisins and sliced almonds. These should be put in individual cups before adding about 1/2 cup hot liquid.


Marshall McLuhan suggested that you should choose your reading by turning to page 69 of a book and, if you like it, read it.

To further explore this notion another Marshal -- Marshal Zeringue -- started a fantastic blog in 2006 called Campaign for the American Reader where he invites writers to put the page 69 theory to test. I've been a guest twice, most recently for Garden of Darkness. Check out the blog and the archives.

Campaign for the American Reader


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

view from front door

view from front door
view from front door,
originally uploaded by annefrasier2000.
new pics up at flickr!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


In all the chaos of moving, I almost forgot I have a book coming out! And apparently it's on shelves a few days early.

I'm still settling into the new place. Absolutely love it, although I have to admit it's a bit spooky walking up to the front door in the dead of night.

I'll be signing copies of Garden of Darkness at my favorite bookstore --
where: Once Upon a Crime
when: Saturday, December 8, 1:00 - 3:00

Stop in and say hi if you're in the area! If you aren't in the area or can't make it, feel free to call Pat or Gary and order personalized, signed copies. They ship!