Tuesday, December 25, 2007


or not a grave? i think it's a grave.



Sandra Ruttan said...

Ah, the things we get up to when everyone else is celebrating with family. ;) Happy holidays.

anne frasier said...

haha! isn't that the truth? we celebrated yesterday, so that left me free to roam around today with the camera. i just crawled under the electric blanket, turned on the laptop, and got a good laugh out of your comment. :D

Kaycie said...

Your wonderful books come from the way you think. That never would have been the first thing to go through my mind. What an imagination!

cinderelly said...

looks like a grave! and spooky eyes in the night below...shivers!

Jeff said...

It probably is a grave, but don't worry, the horrible flesh-eating zombie that lies below should remain frozen until spring.
If I were you,though, I'd have one of the new zombie home security systems installed before the first thaw. Just in case.

Aine said...

Must be a grave-- I see that even the critters avoid it!

If Jason and I saw something like that, we'd be digging at the first spring thaw! I guess we are insane that way.

anne frasier said...

kaycie, i think you may have thought grave if you'd actually seen the indentation. it's the exact size of a grave. this is probably common knowledge, but when old pine boxes rot and collapse, they leave an indentation just like that.

cinderelly, i noticed the eyes too! :D

jeff, that got me to thinking of a whole new business and product line for stupid zombies. my first invention will be a giant box held up with a stick. bait will be a candy brain. or jell-o mold brain. or maybe a real brain.

aine, i'm thinking about hiring some local kids to dig up the ground for a garden. I'll tell them it needs to be really deep -- like six feet.