Wednesday, May 30, 2007

so the bed started shaking...

my cat was at the foot, and at first i thought he'd decided to go into a hind leg/ear scratching frenzy. no, he was sound asleep. and the bed was still shaking, and my laptop was bouncing. this went on for about 30 seconds, then gradually stopped. and i'm not talking about a little shake. i did hear a faint, steady rumble and wondered if it could be a train. but then i looked at the foot of my bed where i'd just plugged in one of those kitschy, religious nightlights of a woman being consumed by flames. my new place was built by a powerful catholic. i can't go into detail, but he probably performed a few exorcisms in his day.

so anyway, other than the poltergeist, i'm really loving the new place. but have been too busy to be online. closed on my house yesterday, still don't have a real phone, just got internet but it's screwed up. i thought maybe i could keep my comcast address, but it doesn't look like it, so if you emailed me at comcast it would have bounced. and if you posted here, i might have missed it since i hadn't changed my profile address.

the ceilings here go up to the sky. and speaking of sky -- i can see it from every window! no more staring at the side of the neighbor's house! stars! sunlight! fresh air!! no exhaust fumes! it's like staying at a bed and breakfast without the breakfast. and with a shaking bed.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

C'mon. If the guy was good at his job, he wouldn't have left a stray ghost behind.

Heather Harper said...

I've lived with ghosts before. You get used to it. ;)

And because I miss you, I posted this...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Well, I'm sure you know what I'd say a shaking bed could be a substitute for!

That's right. Just put a tub of soapy water on it and your laundry in there and save electricity washing your clothes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds suspiciously like an earthquake. Was one reported? If not, just remember the timeline lines, "it's blood of the martyrs which compels you. It's the power of Christ which compels you." Why you do this to me Dimi?

Sorry, I phased into The Exorcist there.

Why don't poltergeists do things things like run the vacuum? You HATE clean floors, right?? (Hint: use reverse psychology.)

Glad to hear that the move went well and life is slowing coming back together for you. :)

Kelly Parra said...

I feel the bed shake a lot. Living in CA I always account it to small tremors...but it could be other reasons! :) :)

cinderelly said...

i used to live in cali too...that was the firt thing i wondered, 'do they have 'quakes in minnisota?' on the ghost lines though, down the road from us where i grew up, some people supposedly had a ghost of an older woman that lived there before. they swore that some nights, she did the dishes! hope you get one of those kind if it's a ghostly reason for the shaking! ;]

Stephen Blackmoore said...

If the bed's shaking, you really should have someone else in there with you to blame it on.

Mary Louisa said...

Hmmmmm. Maybe this place should be temporarier than previously planned.

anne frasier said...

patrick, they always come back. gotta have a sequel. :D

heather, not sure i'd like to live with a ghost. but who knows? might be just the adventure i'm looking for. and thanks for the blog post!!!

sandra: lol! that was a good one!

jason, i like the idea of their doing chores. no earthquake was reported, but there are train tracks less than a mile from here running through kind of a ravine. i'm thinking that must have been it.

kelly, i immediately thought of CA.

cinderelly, i think there are some pretty serious fault lines in the midwest, and there have been a few quakes in MN over the years.

stephen, it's always a bed, isn't it? i need to put a glass of water on the dresser and see what that does.

mary louisa: lol! i'll keep you posted on that!

angie said...

Sounds like just the place for you. Except they really should give you breakfast if you've got a UBS (Unidentified Bed Shaker) to live with!

Kaycie said...

I like the idea of a ghost when I first read your post yesterday.

This morning I keep hearing my front door open. I know I'm not imagining things because my little schnauzer keeps lifting his head and growling. When I look no one is there.

I don't like the idea of a ghost quite so much now. Funny, how proximity changed my opinion.

anne frasier said...

angie, the building is mainly owner-occupied condos. haha! i'll stand out in the hallway and demand my goddamn breakfast. :D

kaycie -- that's EXACTLY it! it's fun to read about such things, and i've been in on my share of ghost hunts, but i don't want them hanging around in the middle of the night. last night was quiet... no shaking, but the night before something fell off the wall. this wouldn't be strange since i'd just hung it a day earlier, but it fell about five feet from the wall. group girl scream. :D

keep us posted on the ghost at the door! :O

it's interesting how the unexplained can be so scary. a few years ago an apple was sitting in the middle of a table. nothing else around. as i watched, the apple slowly rolled in a complete circle, then stopped. my hair stood on end. even though the apple had been there overnight, i decided it didn't have an even base and had been on the verge of being off-balance all the while.