Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Romance Writers of America RITA Awards

1) By the time the RITA nominees are announced the books are often out of print.

2) How long has the RITA been in existence? Over twenty years. That means we have over twenty years of RITA titles, many of which were out of print before the awards ceremony.

3) The rights for most RITA titles have long since reverted back to the authors.

4) Somebody -- Harlequin seems the logical choice -- should put out a line of RITA books.

RWA should get behind this idea and push it to publishers. Good for RWA, REALLY good for the lucky publisher, and good for the writers.


Kelly Parra said...

Yeah, that would be awesome! I didn't realize this until I read Helen's interview. I really want to read it too!

anne frasier said...

i would think that someone has already tried to pull something like this together because it seems so obvious. i can't be the first person to have thought of it. books are already written and edited. they have built-in publicity. i'm guessing there are at least 200 titles, but maybe pulling it off would just be a nightmare. I don't know. I'm no longer in RWA, but even if i were still a member i'd still be clueless.

i won a RITA about ten years ago. it was a single title, but still out of print by the time I won the award. rights reverted back to me about a year later. most RITA winners probably experienced something similar.