Friday, August 01, 2008

oh, minneapolis!

The signing and reading at DreamHaven was well attended. So glad about that!! And what an awesome bookstore! After the signing some of us walked down the street and shared a pizza. Nice day all around.

The Holiday Inn overlooks the 35W bridge. Today is the anniversary of the collapse, so I imagine there will be some kind of memorial and news coverage.

I have most of the day free since the convention doesn't get into full swing until this evening. meeting my daughter for lunch. Maybe we'll go to Bad Waitress? French Meadow Bakery? So hard to decide!

my panels:

Self promotion gone mad (heh!)

Are writers broken? (double heh!)

movie thrillers

the life and art of sir alfred hitchcock

ooh, that's scary! print versus movie

i brought my camera, but forgot the cable so no pics until next week.


Heather Harper said...

Double heh is right. lol. ;-)

Jeff said...

I'm glad the signing and reading was a success. Have fun this weekend!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Woohoo! Signing!

Those sound like excellent panels. Wish I could listen in on those.

Have fun and don't let the sheer volume of folks at the con pop your head open.

bekbek said...

Broken, or broke?

anne frasier said...

hah -- i originally wrote broke. typo? maybe. maybe not.