Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once Upon a crime fifth annual write of spring

Snow is falling heavily in Minnesota, so it seems the perfect time to announce the Fifth Annual Write of Spring event.

Where: Once Upon a Crime, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, March 24, 2007, 12:00 - 4:00

Except for mystery conventions or rehab reunions, you will never see as many Minnesota authors in one place! A great day and way to celebrate Minnesota writers, Once Upon a Crime, and buy autographed copies of your favorite Minnesota authors’ books.

12:00 PM: Robert Alexander, Laura Childs, Monica Ferris, William Fietzer, Erin Hart, Judith Koll Healy, E. Kelly Keady, Peter Rennebohm, Rick Shefchik, R.D. Zimmerman

1:00 PM: KJ Erickson, Margaret Frazer, Brian Freeman, Bob Gust, Lori L. Lake, Jess Lourey, Michael Mallory, Marilyn Victor

2:00 PM: Gary Bush, Chris Everheart, Pete Hautman, Mary Logue, Bruce Rubenstein, Quinton Skinner, Anthony Neil Smith, Deborah Woodworth

3:00 PM: Harold Adams, Carl Brookins, Philip Donlay, Anne Frasier, Lois Greiman, Ellen Hart, David Housewright, William Kent Krueger


Hulles said...

Good, you can sleep in that day. I was worried you'd have to actually get up in the morning as I was scanning the lists and times for your name.

See you on whatever day that was if not sooner.

Kelly Parra said...

aha! You've started using the labels! *snicker* something more to play with for me. ;D

The event sounds fun!

anne frasier said...

hulles, damn, i so want to use one of these: lol! but since you've been ranting about them, i'll refrain. they usually put me last in the lineup since i live in town and don't have to drive far once it's over. yeah, if i'd had the 12:00 one -- well, there wouldn't be much point in even going to bed the night before, would there?

kelly: i always have a blast at this. i've only missed one, and that was because i was sick. it tends to be more of a party than a book signing.

i did use labels, but i have no idea of their purpose. :D

damn, i have the hic-cups. hiccups.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go.

Could we move it to Philadelphia? No one would mind, right?

Hey, do these panels ever volunteer for human Clue to get in the mood? "Is it Anne Frasier, with the noodle maker, in the bowling alley?"

Anonymous said...

jason, haha! lucky for me there are no panels. the bookstore is just so small that we can't all be there at the same time. there are no chairs -- everybody just wanders around. very laid back while at the same time overwhelming because of the small space and massive amount of people.