Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heavy Metal Noir and the duende

The Heavy Metal Noir entries are up at Hillbillies and Hitmen!
Please check them out and vote!


From Patrick's site:

Heavy Metal Noir: Reading and Voting
I received five entries for the Heavy Metal Noir Flash Fiction contest, and they are all posted here. The authors' names have been removed from the stories to eliminate any possible bias. These stories have not been edited.

Now it's up to you. We need you to decide the winner. Vote for the one story you think is best. Please include the entry number and title. Send your vote for the best story to with the subject header "Heavy Metal Noir Vote." One vote per person. Please do not cast votes in a story's comments section; I will not count those.

Voting will end at 12 a.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday February 15, 2007. The winner will be announced February 16. The prize is a copy of The Drummer, signed by Anthony Neil Smith, and the winner's choice of one CD from a list of "classic" heavy metal albums.

So please give each story a close reading (there are only five, after all) and send in your vote.

I also want to mention Daniel Hatadi's most excellent and thought-provoking post at Down in the Hole.





Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Anne, you're cooler than the other side of the pillow. You, like, totally rock. Thanks for the plug, and for putting up the link to Daniel's post.

Daniel Hatadi said...

I'm so tempted to say something like, "thanks for plugging my hole," but I'm just not that sort of girl.

anne frasier said...

patrick: lol! i like that you removed the names from the entries. great idea.

daniel: heh! it is a great post.

Hulles said...

I agree, it is a great post. I would have left a comment on the post itself but I felt shy about it, if you can credit that. I talked about duende in a post once as well (preferring the Garcia Lorca interpretation), so of course I was a rapt audience for the content. And Mr. Hatadi said it ever so much better than I ever could. Nice work.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Hulles, don't ever feel shy to comment round my parts.

Then again, commenting over here like you did allows my head to swell on a bigger stage.

Glad you enjoyed the post.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Posting the stories anonymously was a great idea, yes, but it wasn't mine. Credit has to go to Gerald So. He'd seen it done in another contest and suggested I try it.

anne frasier said...

hulles, yes the shy business made me blink, but you WERE visiting a new country. i remembered someone mentioning duende somewhat recently. i actually thought it was daniel, but now i'm thinking i probably read it on your blog.

patrick, it was a great suggestion. it removed that uncomfortable sensation that goes along with voting for or against people you know.