Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the bad the good the bad the good the maybe

the bad news: we're supposed to have the coldest temps in 3 years. considering that last year we had temps that were at least 50 below zero that's saying a lot. okay, that's a lie. not sure what the lowest temp was last year, but our high Sunday is supposed to be -3.

The good news: I'm heading to Florida Monday. yee-haw!!!

The bad news: I'm not going to be gone long, and it will still be pretty nasty when I get home. hoo-haw.

More good news: The Pale Immortal sequel has been moved to December 2007. I've always heard December is the worst month for a release because December shelf space is for big names. But does it matter as much if the book is a paperback? I'm thinking it probably doesn't, and I'm thinking December might actually be a good thing considering all the traffic bookstores get in December. The book does have a title, but I'm not going to mention it until the cover is done. It's just too far in the future to mention a title yet. I should have a cover in a couple of months. I emailed the revised manuscript a few days ago.

Some possibly good news: I'm trying to talk my daughter

into blogging here while I'm gone. She's actually thinking about it and seems a bit intrigued by the idea, so I'll keep you posted on that. her concern was content and feeling she had nothing to blog about. i felt the two obvious things would be the book trailer she made for me and her band. or she could do what i do and talk about whatever is on her mind that day.

and about that...

i've had a lot of things going on that i can't talk about on my blog. That's been extremely frustrating. my blog is therapy, dammit! but anyway, for the past month or so i haven't been myself and that's partially because almost everything on my mind isn't bloggable. the good news is that i'm learning to keep my mouth shut. i put together a couple of posts that i actually never posted. gasp! i think that's a first for me.


Heather Harper said...

Anne, did any one ever teach you to keep plastic bags away from your children? ;)

Sorry about that having to keep your mouth shut thing. I so relate to your plight...

BTW, I'm so freakin' excited for the PI sequel to be released. Me thinks there might be a Christmas give-away on my blog.

anne frasier said...

heather, sad, isn't it? :D

and a christmas giveaway? ooh, i like that idea!

i'm feeling better about the december release all the time.

anne frasier said...

oh, i meant sad about the plastic bag. :D

Daniel Hatadi said...

Your daughter has strange sleeping habits. Or a mosquito problem.

Jeff said...

That is good news about the December release date for the sequel.
Have a safe (if short) trip and enjoy the warmer climate.

anne frasier said...

daniel, lol! that was her twin peaks halloween costume.

jeff, thank so much!

Hulles said...

Tell your daughter we all will figuratively embrace her with open arms and that I'll be on my best behavior. Which will be painful, but you said you wouldn't be gone long.

angie said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the photo was "she's dead...wrapped in plastic." LOVED Twin Peaks. Now THAT was television!

Enjoy your vacation. I honestly have never been able to understand how anyone could live in Minnesota in the winter.

Also, great news re. P.I. sequel. I think you're right, December could be a great time for your book to come out.

Anonymous said...

Come on M! You can do it! Having a guest blogger will be very cool.

Have a great time in Florida, Anne. I'll be following you a week later, except my trip will involve talking mice and people who smile way, way too much.

Jer said...

Enjoy your trip! This reminds me--you've been talking forever about moving south. Did I miss a post? Are you going to Florida to look for a home? Or just a vacation? Sorry I've been AWOL. Jer

anne frasier said...

hulles, i think one more tasering will convince her that she needs to do it. i'm hoping she enjoys it so much that she decides to come back a couple of times a month.

thanks, angie. :) looks like highs in florida will be about 60, but that will seem wonderful to me. and yeah -- twin peaks. sigh.

jer, so nice to see you! no need to apologize -- i've not been making the blog rounds like i used to either. i'm just glad to see you pop in! i'm going t florida to visit my dad. i will be checking out northern florida a little, but no immediate plans of moving. i'm putting my house on the market in march. with the weird housing market it could sell right away or linger for a year. i'll just have to wait and see. once it sells i'll have to figure out the next step.


anne frasier said...

jason, awww, disney world. that sounds like fun. please enjoy tower of terror for me. i love that ride.

as far as a guest blogger -- it would make more sense to have a writer as a guest, but i want to shake things up and test something different. might work. might not.

emeraldcite said...

The florida weather has been pretty nice this year, although there have been a few cold spells (I actually had to break out a jacket!)

Have a good time.u
Tell your daughter to talk about the Chambermaids. I'm sure she has quite a few stories!

anne frasier said...

thanks, emeraldcite! looks like it's going to be nice when i'm down there. now they're saying sunny, highs of 65. i can't wait!!