Friday, January 19, 2007

who is kristin blackmoore?

i'd forgotten about this blog until yesterday.

i started it in september 2005 to go with the proposal i sent in for the pale immortal sequel. my idea had been to keep the journal as i wrote the book. the proposal was accepted in april or may of 2006, and the blog was never mentioned so i just let that idea go. but last night i switched it to the new blogger and spiffed up the colors. kristin blackmoore is one of four main characters in the sequel, but she's less obnoxious in the book. i don't think i could get away with a character this obnoxious. she would alienate too many readers. oh, and an interesting aside about the name -- i didn't know stephen blackmoore at the time!

who is kristin blackmoore?
new blogger and firefox seem to be having a problem, so the blog might not even open.

edit: problem solved. i had to remove the giant photos. :(


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it doesn't open for me. I'm using Internet Explorer. It must be the new Blogger.

anne frasier said...

well, it was the coolest blog you never saw. :D

with old blogger you can republish the whole blog when that kind of problem comes up. that usually fixes it. i don't think there's a way to republish with the new blogger. i haven't spotted it anyway.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Geez Anne - love those photos! It is pretty cool.

anne frasier said...

sandra -- yep, you can view it with safari. i know that's what you use. i wonder if those big-ass photos are the problem even though i'm hosting them somewhere else.

anne frasier said...

i was kidding about the cool though. :D

Julia Buckley said...

I can't view it. New blogger sucks.

I like obnoxious characters.

Hulles said...

I think it is a cool site. A little unrealistic, though: "I hear they have karaoke, which is fun if done with irony." No one really thinks this, do they? Fun site. I enjoyed it a lot. And I always pronounce Tuonela as if it were a skin rash. "Yeah, I had tuonela, got some salve and it cleared right up." And like we believe you about Stephen Blackmoore.

anne frasier said...

julia, i removed the big-ass pictures, so it can now be viewed in firefox. but i've been told new blogger is having a problem with explorer. sheesh. i thought it was supposed to fix that! it does suck!!

hulles, i used to know someone who traveled around to different bars competing in karaoke competitions. i always thought that would make a great documentary because of the total absence of irony. it was intense. and for anyone reading this who has a shelf of karaoke trophies -- you need help.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

It's not my fault. I wasn't there. You can't pin any of that on me.

I just saw my name and figured I should get all that out of the way.

Oh. Neat site.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I clicked on the link and blogger cursed at me.

No, really it did.

First time I've ever seen that happen.

Jeff said...

I really like the blog. I recognize those photos from my trip to Tuonela. :)

Heather Harper said...

I'm having no problems at all viewing the new blogger site and I'm on Explorer 7. I recently switched to the new blogger and I love it.

Do we need to re-direct or just add the new address? Will you bury STATIC?

anne frasier said...

stephen, i think if we look deeply enough we'll find you are somehow to blame. ;)
blackmoore is a very cool name, so you're probably used to people wanting it.

mindy, cursed you? my god! what'll it be next?????

jeff, yes, you should recognize a few of those pictures!!! especially snake alley.

heather, i really doubt i'll do anything with the kristin blackmoore blog. i was just pointing it out as a curiosity. it was an interesting exercise to start the blog as i was developing the character. a lot of fun, and maybe slightly worthwhile.
i might eventually add one or two more posts and link it to the Pale Immortal blog, but anything more would probably be a waste of time.

angie said...

Well it's a good looking blog - guess I got there after the kinks had been worked out, 'cause I didn't have any trouble seeing it. How funny re. the name. Madame S. must have been doing some future surfing!

Kelly Parra said...

It's cool, Anne and a great way to develop characters. It always takes me a bit of time to get a feel for one. like now! =D How did you make that banner? It's pretty neat!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Anne, it's time to do a new post.


anne frasier said...

angie -- hah! maybe so. i do remember that the name just popped into my head. :D

kelly -- yeah, it takes me a while to get the feel for a new one too. this was the only new main character in the sequel, so that made it nice.

the photo header was taken in my home town in iowa. half the stores are empty. this one was too, but with some weird displays in the windows. i cut and resized it in photoshop, but i must have web optimized it because the image quality is really bad. i'd do it over if i were really going to use the blog. i'll probably redo it anyway when i have some time.

sandra, yes, yes, yes!! i know heather said she hasn't had any trouble, but i have trouble with browsers. also the inability to leave an anonymous comment on new blogger once i'm aleady logged in. so if i'm logged in under kristin blackmoore and want to leave an anne frasier comment i can't do it with new blogger. old blogger -- yes.

Anonymous said...

I just took a quick look. I can see it now! I'll come back for a better look later.

I loved Montgomery WAR!

Tami said...

Great idea to have a character with a blog. I could see it helping in the writing process to better learn the character if used properly. This gives me a good idea. Thanks Anne!

anne frasier said...

jason, glad you were finally able to view it. the photos i had up before were too big. it looked great in safari!! but very few people use safari.

tami, it was a strange new way to approach character building, that's for sure. my proposal was 30 pages of material, and kristin blackmoore wasn't in those pages, so i actually knew nothing about her until i started her blog. the blog came before her scenes. if i were to write her blog now that the book is done it would probably be quite a bit different because her character isn't quite the same. because the weird thing is that when people journal they often don't come across the way they are come across in real life, so the blog as a journal ended up being her deepest feelings that wouldn't show up on the page. more sarcasm and anger. which is why i don't know how helpful it was.

Shesawriter said...

Blogger is getting crapier and crapier. I get error messages at least four times per day. It's ridiculous.


anne frasier said...

tanya, ain't that the truth. i really think there was a big wave away from blogging when blogger started having so many problems. it's a pain in the ass to have to work for hours to get something to post.