Wednesday, January 24, 2007

rejected blog posts

not much going on around here. i've had several ideas for blog posts, but keep tossing them. here are a few of the boring rejects:


Dear Mister Pharmacy Man,
Please give Anne Frasier any drugs she wants.

Yours truly,

Dr. Coathanger


the new tires suck.


will put it aside for a few days, then do a final proof and polish.


light hit a lamp base at a weird angle and i noticed some smartass had written SHIT in the dust. i plan to don a Hazmat suit and clean house.


if you leave a massive ad comment on my page, you will be deleted. i'm not talking about people i know, and i'm not talking about some bit of advertising along with something else. i'm talking about those comments that are the most blatant of blatant. like buy my book. blurb. cover quotes. price. link. giant image of book.



i'm really enjoying two CDs.

William Elliott Whitmore's SONGS OF THE BLACKBIRD.




P. Abbott said...

Agree re: the Cat Power CD. Can't get enough of it. She was great on Austin City Limits a few weeks back.
Get well!

Jaye Wells said...

So now you're blurbing your own blog posts? Interesting idea. Makes me wonder if my own posts could stand up to the TV Guide test.

Heather Harper said...


Thanks for the blurbs, Anne. Verra entertaining. ;)

I don't don a Hazmat suit while cleaning, but I should. I do have to wear a mask to keep from inhaling the dust, though. If I don't, I end up having to take antibiotics. (But only for three days.)

anne frasier said...

patti, thanks. :) i think cat power's new CD is maybe her best yet. solid all the way through. love the song love and communication. a departure for her, and kind of has a neil young driving build to it.

jaye, it's interesting what the mind comes up with at 3:00 am. i'm actually surprised this makes any sense at all. thought of the post, then couldn't go back to sleep until i posted it. grrrr. i need therapy. :O

anne frasier said...

heather, i wear a mask too!
:D asthma and allergies. which is how i ended up needing atibiotics. asthma medicine gave me a UTI.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Coming up with blog post ideas is a bitch, isn't it?

God knows how I manage three times a week.

Kelly Parra said...

What about those blatant self-promo comments that get knocked down by other comments, then the same BSP friend comes back and posts the same thing again to be the first comment. haha! That's annoying. =D

Hulles said...

I should probably wear a mask when I clean just so my ugly mug doesn't scare the mice and spiders. What's BSP stand for? Am I one? I hope so, it sounds sort of exotic.

Hulles said...

And P.S., I like the dust mite pic a lot. I notice the file name is dads_dust_mite.jpg. This leads to several questions, foremost being why is Dad's dust mite special? Does it have a name? Is it a pet? Just curious. I so want it to be someone's pet. Pretty low maintenance pet, I imagine. You just have to generate dust to feed it. I can see this is going to have to turn into a post of my own.... Thanks lots, Dr. Coathanger!

anne frasier said...

rob, you and i were talking about coming up with blog content when we were in madison. at that time i wasn't really having much of a problem, but i've now hit a wall and don't know if i'll recover.

kelly, i haven't experienced that!! oh, that would have me fuming! :D i'd spend an hour looking for their profile just to have the satisfaction of deleting it. :D

anne frasier said...

hulles, BSP is bastards selling...selling... porn? nah, that's not good. it's really blatant self promotion.

yeah, i wondered about the dad's dustmite too! pretty funny.

angie said...

That dust mite looks like it's wearing a corderoy suit. Freaky.

I have a tendency to just talk about whatever random thought is in my head. Not always terribly interesting, but sometimes it's kinda cool. Actually I dig the blurbage idea.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Totally with you on the antibiotic thing, Anne. How about my bugs meet your bugs and do lunch?

anne frasier said...

angie, it does look like corduroy. almost makes him cuddly. i wonder if they have any stuffed animals that look like mites. that would be cute.

mindy, oh yeah! a cootie party! :D

anne frasier said...

angie, and speaking of your blog....


in safari i get a blank page.
in firefox a page of template code. i've never seen the code on a blog before. that's a new screwed up for me.

angie said...

I know, I know. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Think I'll make a back-up of the whole she-bang and see if I can figure out wass'up.