Saturday, January 06, 2007

Suspicious circumstances by sandra ruttan

just released!!

Suspicious Circumstances is a fantastic police procedural by debut author Sandra Ruttan.

my take:
"Secrets and lies, new murders and old, all unravel and unwind within the pages of SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES to create a complex and compelling crime-fiction debut. Sandra Ruttan has a keen eye for description, a wonderful ear for dialogue, and an acute instinct for the nuances of characterization."

A suspicious death.

A missing baby.

A corrupt police department.

When a man shows up in reporter Lara Kelly's office with a video that
appears to show a woman falling to her death, Lara is intrigued but
suspicious. The man claims he went to the police, but that they refused to

Under pressure from her editor to use the video to build a story about the
incompetence of the local police captain, Lara gathers enough evidence to
print a story about a suspected suicide.

Detective Tymen Farraday, the newest cop in a precinct plagued by scandal,
is ordered to investigate and discredit the reporter if necessary. When
potential evidence is stolen and Lara is attacked, Farraday is forced to put
his grudge against reporters aside and work with the journalist to solve the
murder while trying to protect her from the killer.

Just when they think they have the evidence to arrest a suspect, two more
murders turn the investigation in an unexpected direction.

The guilty have already shown that they'll stop at nothing to protect their

In a town where one person holds all the power, not even the police can be

And the prime suspect isn't the only person Lara and Farraday need to worry

What People Are Saying

"SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES has to be one of the most satisfying mysteries going that grips the reader from beginning to end."
- Clive Cussler

"..there is never a dull moment. It's a hard book to put down."
- Tony Hillerman

"Sandra Ruttan's SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES is crime fiction with booster jets--a white-hot blazing ride sure to slam you down some of the darkest, twistiest back alleys that ever corrupted a small city's secret heart."
- Cornelia Read, author of A Field of Darkness

"Sandra Ruttan's Suspicious Circumstances soars. It is complex, exciting, and elegant. In musical terms, it's listening to Bach. I'm in love with Lara Kelly, the smart, strong, vulnerable protagonist. Her detective lover better move fast or I'm in there. A gripping adventure, a large cast of marvelous characters, and twists that follow turns. Read it. You'll love it too."
- Robert Fate, author of Baby Shark

"Sandra Ruttan has graced the world of psychological thrillers with this fast-paced, absorbing tale, fraught with corruption, murder, mistrust, a number of unconscionable villains and two exceptionally likable protagonists, all craftily entangled in a delightfully twisted plot. Sit back and be prepared to get lost in this riveting story, because you won't want to put it down until you've turned the very last page."
- JB Thompson, author of The Mozart Murders

"Suspicious Circumstances twists and turns and twists again, leaving the reader breathless and unsure which end is up. And that's just the beginning. Ruttan's deft touch intrigues and satisfies, making her a powerful new force in the mystery field."
- JT Ellison, author of ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS (Available Nov. 2007)

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sandra also has one of the coolest blogs. if you think i talk about anything, you haven't hung out at sandra's enough.

sandra's joint

Sandra Ruttan had her first newspaper column at the age of thirteen. She studied journalism and communication theory before focusing on special education. She spent several years working with children with learning disabilities while completing a creative writing diploma. Sandra is co-founder and submissions director for Spinetingler Magazine. Her short fiction has appeared in Crimespree Magazine, Spinetingler, Demolition, The Cynic and Flashing in the Gutters. She lives in western Canada with her husband, two dogs and too many cats.


kathie said...

Well, as though Mindy isn't convincing enough, I'll def. pick up Sandra's book this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh Anne, thank you so much for your enthusiastic support. That's one of the reasons we newbies survive the neurosis that goes with being in this business - people like you are so wonderful and encouraging.

Alex Adams said...

Sandra, your book sounds fab! It's on my to-buy list when I go to B&N this week.

Anne, you're always adding to my TBR pile :D

Come to think of it, just about everything I buy these days is the result of blogs. Pretty effective marketing tool, in my opinion.

anne frasier said...

kathie, thanks for stopping by!
you're welcome, sandra. my pleasure!

alex, you're so right. most of the books i've bought in the last year have been because of blogs.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Woot, Sandra!!! Burn up the lists! :-)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Kathie and Alex, thank you both. Today was my official release day, as in it shipped today. So it may not yet be on store shelves out there, but you should be able to order it in anywhere, worst case scenario.

SW, ha!

Thanks again, Anne!

Kelly Parra said...

Another novel to add to the list! And the cover is too cool! =D

M. G. Tarquini said...

I ordered it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Going to order it now. You rock, Sandra! Congratulations. You must be thrilled. :D

Bill Cameron said...

The only thing stopping me from ordering it is I'm hoping to buy it at Murder by the Book here in Portland on the day Sandra is there to sign it in person!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh, yeah, Bill, I'll email you about that. I have a time set up!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh, yeah, Bill, I'll email you about that. I have a time set up!

And I took the cover photo, so HUGE compliment! Thanks Kelly!

angie said...

Debut authors kick ass - I'm so stoked to read this one!

anne frasier said...

i love the cover too. and it really fits the book.

too many cats...
i counted seven on sandra's blog, but i'm not sure if that's right.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yes Anne, I have seven. Rascal, Buttons, Skittles, Stuart, Russel, Simon and Rebus.

anne frasier said...

sandra, we call my daughter crazy cat lady because she has three cats. but she's single. i think a person has to be single to qualify as crazy cat lady. plus you also have dogs, so that helps. :D

emeraldcite said...

I love sandra's cover.

Simple and elegant.

anne frasier said...

hey, emeraldcite! i know you don't have time to blog, but i'm glad you still stop by!

emeraldcite said...

Thanks! I'm still reading, almost daily since returning from holiday visiting, just not writing as much.

School kicked back in and I have tons of junk to prepare for my students. Not to mention, one of the students I was pretty close to died right after New Years of a drug overdose. Very, very sad.

Hopefully, I'll pick up blogging again. It's funny how true that blogger lifecycle thing is...

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite, so very sorry to hear about your student. :(