Thursday, January 04, 2007

pass the tape

i'm not sure i'll ever learn to censor myself. something happens that reminds me that i really need to watch what i say here, but as time passes i begin to slack off and the awareness begins to slip. so i've done it again. yes, i said some nice things about adrian mckinty's book Hidden River, but I also foolishly said some things i shouldn't have said. nothing big, but still things a writer doesn't want to hear.

I did find out that Adrian has a new book coming out in March called the Bloomsday Dead. It's already getting great reviews. The mass market paperback of The Dead Yard was released in December. I'm going to definitely pick up a copy.

From Publishers Weekly

The Dead Yard--

Starred Review. McKinty's literate, expertly crafted third crime novel, the sequel to Dead I Well May Be (2003), confirms his place as one of his generation's leading talents. Five years after taking down a powerful Irish mobster, Belfast-born mercenary Michael Forsythe has a new identity and the chance at a new life, courtesy of the FBI. Unfortunately, while vacationing in Spain, Forsythe's thrown into prison after a soccer match between the Irish and the Brits turns violent. Forsythe faces extradition to Mexico, where he's a wanted man, unless he cuts a deal with a gorgeous British intelligence agent, Samantha Caudwell, to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell called the Sons of Cuchulainn. Based outside Boston and led by a pair of fanatic ex-IRA members, the SOC vows to ignore the IRA's current cease-fire and to attack British targets in the States. Once again, Forsythe goes undercover, entering a shadowy world of subterfuge and deception. McKinty possesses a talent for pace and plot structure that belies his years. Dennis Lehane fans will definitely be pleased. (Mar.)
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Alex Adams said...

Don't worry, Anne, lots of us suffer from footinmouthitis :D. Besides, you scored Adrian some new readers, including me.

adrian mckinty said...


I hope you didnt think I was upset by what you said. You're absolutely right. I dont get much play outside of Colorado. That doesnt bother me at all. I feel really lucky to be teaching and writing - the two things I love the most in the word - and get paid for doing both! So PLEASE dont think I'm put that you correctly mentioned I have only a cult following. Its true and honestly I'm just glad to have any following.

Adrian.... :)

angie said...

Hee! I hate it when I do/say/type stuff like that. It wasn't really that bad, though. You said the book was good & that's always the most important thing. Authors don't always have much to say about things like titles, covers & how much promo their books get. I don't see how that's a slam - just an honest opinion.

Anyway, like I said on the first post, now I've got another book/s for my list.


anne frasier said...

alex, i'll be anxious to hear what you think of his books!

adrian, no i didn't think that at all, but i realized you'd probably read the comments where i said things i shoudn't have. *blush* i have to think you're going to be huge huge huge, and i hope it's sooner than later. you have a backlist of wonderful books that will all be reissued. i can't wait.

angie, not a slam, but a little forward. i may have confirmed a worry that was already there -- and really, i don't know shit. :D

Sandra Ruttan said...

Well Anne, you've sold me on these books! Maybe I should interview Adrian?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Damn. Can't find a website so far.

Just saw from a profile that he grew up in Carrickfergus! I have a postcard from Carrickfergus around here. I went to Northern Ireland in 1990.

anne frasier said...

sandra, a spinetingler interview would be fantastic.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Guess we'll see if I can figure out a way to contact him.

anne frasier said...

he might be somebody who likes to keep a low profile. i can totally understand that.

i've been thinking about going underground again. it's cozy there.

angie said...

Don't you dare...

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Anne, I'm not sure you said anything worth worrying about. I actually think you've done McKinty a favor. I'll certainly be checking out his books.

By the way, I love your honesty and I love your blog. I'm sorry I don't get the chance to visit as often as I use to. Maybe once the book drops I'll have more time.

So keep at it. I'll be reading.

Adrian McKinty said...


No dont be embarassed about the cover remarks either. Again, you're totally correct. In fact its no secret at Simon and Schuster that I was less than enthused for the covers of Dead Yard or Hidden River. Naively I had 'cover consulation' written into my contract but as I later discovered this means absolutely nothing. S&S have gone back to their original cover concept for my next book Bloomsday Dead and when they finally get that one up on I think you'll like it better...Keep up the blog and the good work...Adrian :)

anne frasier said...

angie, i just like to hear you scream.

rob, thanks so much! i can't wait until kiss her goodbye comes out!! and no worry about not visiting as often. i completely get that. i've really slacked off too.

adrian, thanks! :) i'll be watching for the new cover! and i've heard other people say the same thing about having cover consultation.

i don't have it. they ask what i have in mind. i say anything but fillintheblank. get the cover and the only thing i begged that they not do is center stage. :D