Thursday, March 15, 2007

guess the title

the acronym for my new book is GOD.

care to guess the title?

no prizes! no drinks! no nuthin!

progress report 2: i'm having an open house sunday. gulp.


Jaye Wells said...

Going On Dead?

Good luck with the open house.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Ooh, nice guess, Jaye! (Is she right?)

God of Darkness?
(or doom? death? destruction? donuts? LOL)

I second the good luck with the open house thing. :-)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Guardian of Death.

Anonymous said...

Are you serving refreshments by any chance? Can we crash?

Kelly Parra said...

Yikes, open house! =D Good luck with it! Love the acronym!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Gods of Death?

Good luck with the open house - yikes!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Great Old Dog?
Ghost Of Denial?
Gobstopper Of Doorknobs?

anne frasier said...

haha! some good guesses, but no winners. the prize of nothing is yet to be won!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Gotterdamerung Over Dyspepsia.

Goaty Online Dorks

Great Oblong Ducklings

I'm not even close, am I?

Anonymous said...

(Those who devote their lives to
religion, are usually, gambling on the existence of the an afterlife following death).

(For those searching for some certainty in life, it's the option other than taxes.)

(the SURE-FIRE portal to seeing God--so I'm told~)

S. W. Vaughn said...

Guardian of Darkness (combining other people's guesses... :-)

Is anyone close?

Are you sure there aren't drinks? LOL

Alex Adams said...

Game of Death
Game of Darkness
Game of Destiny
Gay or Die? (just kidding)

bekbek said...

Gone on Diatribe

Which leads me to consider the word "diatribe" in a new light. Die-a-tribe? Is it a hidden message? Is somebody warning us with this entry in the dictionary?

Ghost of Desperation
Ghost of Destiny

Lara Adrian said...

Ooh, title fun! I love prizes--even when they're nothing prizes!

Garden of Darkness (my serious guess)
Garden of (the) Dead (but that would make the acronym GOTD...)
Groovin' on Darkness (because I'm sad PI2: Electric Boogaloo appears to have been nixed)
Getting Over Disco (another in the PI2:EB collection)
Garlic or Daylight: Tuonela Throwdown

I'd better stop now...

Bill Cameron said...

Garlic or Daylight: Tuonela Throwdown

My fave so far. :D

Garden of Darkness seems like a really good guess. I'm thinking that's an apt phrase for Old Tuonela.

anne frasier said...

S.W., you were close! i didn't want to give any hints because i was having too much fun reading the guesses.

and the winner is: LAURA ADRIAN with GARDEN OF DARKNESS!

i'll get a box of nothing to you right away!

there! done!

loved all the goofy titles. a lot of great title ideas in there too. it makes me wonder if it might work to come up with an acronym first, then a title.

anne frasier said...

bill, we were posting at the same time. AGAIN! yeah, i have to look through these and pic my favorites. a lot of hilarious ones.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Ooh, couple of letters off! Drat. Hey Laura, will you share the nothing with me? :-)

Love the title, Anne. Can't wait to read it!!!

(Bill... grrr! No comments on your blog! Well, belated congratulations on the upcoming release. Kick some ass! :-)

angie said...

What?! It's not PI2: Electric Boogaloo?! Dammit.

Re. open house...we moved a zillion times when I was growing up & my mom always used to put a little vanilla in a piece of tin foil & turn the oven on low for half an hour before the event. Made the house smell weirdly homey a la Donna Reed bakin' cookies in the kitchen. She swears that the little olfactory stuff helps. Then again, it's my mom...

Bill Cameron said...

Sorry, Anne! When I took my little break, I knew I would keep being tempted by comments. But I just turned them on again!

Of course, then I will be gone for three days! haha

cinderelly said...

great title! good luck on the open house! angie's mom is right about the house smelling 'homey', my daughter was (is) a real estate agent, and she tells clients to make the house smell good.

Lara Adrian said...

OMG, I won! I won!!!

I can't wait to receive my prize of nothing, Anne! Will be glad to share nothing with everyone! :-P

I have to say, I love the title GARDEN OF DARKNESS. As soon as I saw the acronym and thought about Tuonela as "land of the dead" Garden of Darkness popped right into my head. If you hadn't claimed it, I may have been tempted to use it one day meself!

Lara, still bummed about the Boogaloo...

anne frasier said...

damn. blogger ate my long reply, and now i have to run. thanks for all the nice well-wishes. lara, that's so kind of you to share your nothing! and you'll be amazed to find that there's plenty to go around.

angie and cinderelly, you are so right about scents. damn. i had a long response to that, but it's gone, gone, gone. i usually highlight and save just in case. didn't do it this time. arghh!

Hulles said...

Once again I'm too late for nothing. Sigh.

Heather Harper said...

WTG Lara. I was stumped.

I was leaning toward Gigolo Of Darkness, AKA Pale Immortal does the electric boogaloo.