Wednesday, August 15, 2007


thank you, david.

movies: disturbia -- very good! thanks for the recommendation, kelly! ;)
on the stereo: signal to trust -- golden armour


Heather Harper said...

I didn't recognize who that was, but that was great!

Disturbia was awesome!

Kelly said...

haha, Cool answer!! Glad you liked Disturbia! Shia L. is a great actor. =D

Jamie Ford said...

Nice answer.

I saw the new Fantastic Four movie with my kids, and their plane "has a hemi in it"--complete with hood ornament. I wanted to gag on my milk duds.

lester A. Frack said...

that feller used to be in my sunny skool class but he dont come no more.
he dont say much but whut does come out paks a big wollop.

angie said...

Reason number three hundred and sixty-four why I (Heart) David Lynch!

anne frasier said...

heather and kelly -- i really liked the first hour -- the way it unfolded so slowly. the last hour was kind of typical of the genre, but still good.

jamie, lol! and i'm guessing you held the box logo-out when you were gagging.

lester, heh! i wondered where you've been hanging out.

angie, i'd like to have his baby if i had a uterus. :D

cinderelly said...

i still need to see that movie...i liked shia since he was a little kid in the movie 'holes'! david lynch is never boring, what a great answer! i know exactly where they are too! i took a picture of those sparkly pillar things in planet hollywood in vegas!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if David would care to elaborate. I've never seen a bigger "b" in bulls^&*t.

The subsequent silence seems to indicate that the interviewer's follow-up questions suddenly dried up.

I'm imagining those old egg-in-the-frypan commercials. "This is your artistic freedom." Crack. Sizzle. "This is your artistic freedom on Pepsi cameos."

So, will Disturbia restore my faith that well done, gut wrenching horror isn't dead?

anne said...

cinderelly: that's so cool that you've seen the sparkly pillar things. :D

jason, yeah, i love the whole awkward ending. :D really, not much you can say after that. and to answer your last question... probably not. shia is just a very good actor. i want him to play graham in my movie. if i had a movie.

Anonymous said...

You got me thinking about my favorite (i.e., most effective) horror movie moments. For example, although Jacob's Ladder was not the greatest movie overall, this scene builds a strange dread in me. I think it's the particular sound of the siren, giving a feel of the chaos of war beyond the black walls.

anne said...

wow. that's disturbing! i haven't seen jacob's ladder. now i'm running off to netflix to put it on my list.

norby said...

Okay, not only is Shia a great actor, but he is just too cute. If only I were a few years younger-think he likes older women?