Friday, July 29, 2005

International Thriller Writers Awards


The International Thriller Writers is proud to debut a new literary award, aptly titled “The Thrillers.” For the first time, novels that either transcend or amplify the traditional genre into the realm of thriller will be honored and acknowledged.

This award honors authors whose body of work in books or film has had a significant positive impact on literature over a sustained period of time. Only authors whose body of work encompasses a minimum of twenty years are eligible. Each year the ITW board will poll the membership for suggestions. The board will choose the honoree by majority vote.

This award marks the best of the best. And we have an exceptional panel of judges to choose this esteemed title:
John Saul (Chief Judge)
Alex Kava
James Siegel
Anne Frasier
Ali Karim

This award honors our debut novelists. Eligibility covers an author's first novel publication, whether under the author's name or a pseudonym. The 2005 judges are:
Elaine Flinn (Chief Judge)
F. Paul Wilson
David Liss
P.J. Parrish
David Montgomery

Not all thrillers debut in hardcover, and the ITW wanted to acknowledge those authors working within the field of the paperback original. This year's judges are:
John Case (Chief Judge)
Louise Ure
Larry Gandle

This award acknowledges the thriller written for the screen or stage. Overseeing this award is a distinguished panel of novelists and experts in the film industry.
Gregg Hurwitz (Chief Judge)
Will Staeger
Jeff Kleeman
John Moore
Shawn Levy

The top five finalists in each category will be announced at Left Coast of Crime in Bristol England (March 16-19, 2006).

Then the winners will be announced with much fanfare at the International Festival of Thrillers (June 29-July2, 2006) at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.


Jeff said...

I'm glad to see this new literary award being presented by the ITW. And congratulations to you, Anne, for being selected as one of the judges for Best Novel. :D

anne frasier said...

thanks, jeff. :D it's SO exciting to be a part of it!!

Kelly Parra said...

Anne, sounds cool! So you're a judge--great! Do you get to enter?

anne frasier said...

no, i can't enter, but that's okay. there will be other years. i'm just so excited about this organization, and THRILLED to be part of the first award.

Jer said...

You rock, Anne. Very cool indeed. Jer

Anonymous said...

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