Friday, July 15, 2005

smoky bars and loud guitars

Went to hear the shut-ins play last night at the Turf Club in St. Paul. My kids started this band about a year ago and will be releasing their first CD this fall on a local label called Modern Radio. Last night the shut-ins opened for Grant Hart. Grant used to be in Husker Du, but many people don’t know that he continues to write the most amazing songs years after the Husker Du breakup. I will post some links here if I ever wake up. Not used to dragging my butt home at 3:00 am.

all music

If you like to hear live bands but worry about your ears, get a pair of Hearos. They are worth the fifteen bucks, because they don’t muffle the music. I can’t help you with the cigarette smoke though.

Here in Minneapolis/St Paul, we have a lot of joke bands. These are bands where the musicians might actually be very competent, but they settle on some gimmick and that becomes their thing and the music is beyond secondary. Because of a scheduling mistake, one of those bands played last night too. Not mentioning any names…but they draw a weird crowd. Kinda like do-bees gone wild. The fans are there because of the gimmick, and somehow they actually become part of the gimmick.

Does any of this make sense? The screen is blurry. Think I’ll go back to bed.


Kelly Parra said...

Does any of this make sense?

Yes, it all came through clear. Kids, shut-ins, played in St. Paul. Hearos are good. Cigerette smoke bad. Gimmick band drew weirdos, and today you're dragging your butt. ;) LOL!

anne frasier said...