Tuesday, July 05, 2005

strange photo

this photo was recently listed on ebay.
the seller knew nothing about it other than to date it around 1920.


Jeff said...

Anne, obviously someone left the barred window unlocked, and this . . . whoever or whatever it is, is trying to make a run for it!
How would you like to wake up around 2am and see THIS hovering around outside your bedroom window?
A MUST for any zombie lover! I think you should place a bid. :)

p.s. And I don't even want to guess what's inside that pouch! lol

Kelly Parra said...

What is on her head? It's kind of creepy...like you can think of all kinds of psycho story ideas to fit this photo. =D Yikes!

anne frasier said...

this response from the seller was posted on a message board:

Thanks for writing me.
It was very interesting to read all the comments of people.
It would be great to read more comments about the same picture and the memory of looking at it. What I mean is lets say after some time has passed, then the thoughts about it in the future.
I dont know its just interesting for me.
I am an artist and one of the things I like is when I call a friend and visually describe one of my pieces to them on the phone and then later I see that person and compare their thoughts of my description to the actual piece that I would bring over.
The mind always sees something and has to express it. Otherwise they would never be able to leave the thought or look at the picture or thing.
I must say this though, I did not manipulate the picture. I do not know how to do photoshop, plus I am not that kind of person.
I found the picture in a box of old photos. I found the photo in California in Los Angeles.
My expertise is in photography so the dating of the image is pretty accurate. There was never any retouching on the photo even during the period. I realize that photography is creative art and it could have been an artist montage or manipulation but it wasn't. If it was I would have had an entirely higher price on its uniqueness and artistry. Or I would have sold it privately to one of my collector clients. I don't recall how much it went for but I guess I could have gotten a lot more for it privately. But I put it up on ebay kinda spontaneously. Now it is gone. Although I still have the jpeg.
I really dont know anymore about it other than the first impressions and the impressions of the list of folks who made comments.
Now its a story.
I wish people would send me comments about it as I would like to make a little art pamphlet regarding the reactions.
Let me know if you hear of more comments on it.
I definitely bought the picture for little nothing and because of the price I paid for it realize that the picture is unselfconscious at least in price.
Take good care,
Norman Kulkin
90046 USA