Thursday, November 09, 2006

is this thursday?

sorry i haven't been around much.

i'm busy working on the sequel to pale immortal which needs to be completed in a little over two weeks.

pant, pant.

structurally it's kind of odd. maybe very odd, but i hope not confusing. i'm too close to the story to tell. 4 main characters. 4 main viewpoints, with many scenes taking place at the same time. then one first-person viewpoint, which might give it a certain ADD choppiness.

i've been exhausted ever since pale immortal came out. i think some of the exhaustion comes from promoting a new book while trying to write another. but i think the biggest energy suck was caused by my expectations. i usually have zero expectations when a book comes out. i think that's how i survive. of course i want it to do well, but i normally accept that it's out of my hands. i've passed the baton. with Pale Immortal i went heavy on the self-promotion -- thus mentally taking on the burden of the book's marketing success or failure. it wore me out and i haven't recovered.

once the current project is done i should have a few weeks off before the revision. ooh, that's a nice carrot.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the finish line is in sight. Here, I'm slapping a cup of water in your hand. :D

See you on the other side.

(Well, not THAT other side.)

anne frasier said...

jason: LOL!

Word Nerd said...

Pale Immortal the Sequel! YES!
(Can you tell I'm just a tad excited?)
Luck to you as you finish.

bekbek said...

I still haven't got my GED, and you've written a whole book?

I give up! Someone pass the vodka.

Karen W. said...

I'm excited about the PALE IMMORTAL sequel too, but I'm glad you'll have a few weeks to refresh when your finished. I loved the exhausted kitty photos and love your smoking baby! ;-)

Bill Cameron said...

I'm excited too. But I wouldn't mind some vodka either!

Kelly Parra said...

Those are some damn cute kitty pics, and the new smoking baby is pretty funny too. hehe.

Hang in there, as a fan I know the sequel will be awesome. As a writer, I can relate to the exhaustion. =D

anne frasier said...

word nerd: thanks!!

bekbek and bill: vodka! yes!!

karen: thanks! i'm glad you like the pics. i'm still laughing at the tasteless smoking baby. :D i couldn't believe my luck when i came across that. it had my name all over it.

kelly: well, i don't know about the awesome! i keep going back and forth between this book is the best i've ever written to this book sucks and is impossible to follow. i'm at that stage where i've looked at it too long.

Shesawriter said...

Your book structure can't be any more confusing than The Prestige. I had a headache coming out of that movie. I still get one when I think about it.

Daniel Hatadi said...

I told you I preferred you with shorter hair, but this is ridiculous!

anne frasier said...

tanya, thanks for the warning!

daniel, haha! i shouldn't have finished off that whole bottle of fountain of youth.

Heather Harper said...

I can't wait for the sequel! Good luck finishing that puppy.

And I tried posting last evening, but I felt like the cat in pic #2. Now I feel like the first one. It's a small upgrade, but I'm still exhausted.

angie said...

Glad to hear the book's almost done (yay!) and that you'll be able to get some rest before revision time.

And while the self-promo thing has been stressful, I'm also glad you've gotten hooked on blogging. The blogosphere wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Don't worry about us Anne! We'll be here when you can be too. I hope the book comes together in a way that you're pleased with, and yes, you do deserve some time off!

anne frasier said...

heather, thanks! i feel a lot less lonely on my own project since i know so many of you are involved in nano this year. i can see how that helps keep a person going.

angie, thanks! :) good luck saturday!!

sandra, november turned out to be a good month to be working on it so deeply and longly. my brain is mush.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I love your new picture, btw.

Dee said...

and I thought there was nothing cuter than, the kitten's adorable! (But, I'm still "voting" chihuahua! Haha!)
I can't wait to read the sequel to "Pale Immortal"! I just KNOW it will be fantastic!!

anne frasier said...

thanks, sandra. :D

dee, thanks for the vote of confidence. the book could suck, but i'm hoping it doesn't. a month ago i felt pretty good about the sequel. now i haven't a clue!