Friday, November 03, 2006

sick of blogger

it's screwy all the time, but for the past two weeks it's been almost impossible to use. blogging is time consuming anyway, but when over 50% of that time is spent on things that won't post and comments that vanish -- i'm almost ready to step back and say wake me up when blogger is working again. if that ever happens. blogging in general has dropped off in the past month or two, and i suspect a lot of people are just sick of the frustration.

here's something i tried to post in the comments of angie's blog. it's kind of a cheer for all the nano participants.

when i write in huge chunks i tend to go into a zone i can't reach in short bursts. it really is some kind of zen where good things are born. some awful things too, but the good make the bad worthwhile because you can always pitch the crap.

try to let your creative mind take over, fall into the story, and just enjoy the ride. you can edit and polish like hell later.


Helen Brenna said...

Could you pass some of that magic over thisa way?

anne frasier said...

helen, rub this pet rock while humming free bird. you'll be fine.

i have no idea what i just said or what it means.

acid flashback, i guess. ;)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Summer's over also. Lots of people back into the swing of things again. Blogging time's curtailed.

anne frasier said...

mindy, i agree, and i think there are several things playing into the decline.

Bill Cameron said...

For me it's been a mix of Blogger being screwy and just plain busy. Soccer season for the little guy, work load picking up in the day job, pace picking up on book related things. Right now a big part of my attention is filling out the publicity questionnaire from my publisher, for example!

I thought I'd blog more this week after finishing my draft, but instead I find myself fixated on other things. Seems like the days just get shorter and shorter, and not just the daylight hours!

But I think I'll swing up again. Blog more. This sort of thing strikes me as cyclical, both in a biorhythm sense and a community sense. We push each other, I think, and some times we push back.

So catch your breath, and see how blogging feels in a week or month. Hell, maybe Blogger will behave better too!

Sandra Ruttan said...

I'm aware from using wordpress that it isn't perfect either. One of the regular blogs I check on that system's been down all morning.

That said, blogger's been supremely pissy lately. What can you do, though?

anne frasier said...

bill, i know i blog less once i get a project finished -- i guess because i'm just not around the computer as much. i'd like to find someone to take over my blog for a week or two, but haven't come upon the right person. oh, i can think of a lot of people, but none of them would want to do it!

sandra, yeah, i would never switch because i see people complaining no matter where they are. usually these pissy spells last a few days. this has been going on so long that it did make me wonder how many people are simply sick of dealing with it.

Jeff said...

I guess I've been pretty lucky with blogger. Once in a while I'll have a problem leaving a comment, but it doesn't happen very often.

I do remember a time when my blog totally disappeared for two or three days. I was beginning to think it was gone for good.

emeraldcite said...



hard to find time to...ran out of time :(

anne frasier said...

jeff, i remember that!

emeraldcite: excellent excuses. i wouldn't be blogging either!

oh, and i realized this is an annoyingly grumpy post.


i'll try to do better.

note to self: get up on the other side tomorrow.

Bernita said...

Been wondering the same thing this morning.

bekbek said...

I guess I'm going to be blogging alone. *sniff* Because blogging turns out to be a lot like house-cleaning: The more work/schoolwork I have to do, the more interested I become in house-cleaning, and the stronger the creative impulse.

And I've got a lot of homework/work...

Jaye Wells said...

Shhhhh! Don't anger our blogger overlord.

Actually, I've been wondering about the decline in posting lately too. It seems a mix of all the reasons people have listed here. However, I'm also concerned about the general decline in optimism. I'm feeling it myself, but have noticed a lot of us are heading that direction in our posts.

Kelly Parra said...

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing of interest to say. haha. Or my head is too clutter to think about writing about writing. =D

I like those zen moments, I don't reach them often unless it's quiet. But it feels really cool when I do!

anne frasier said...

hi, bernita!
most of the blogs i visit have been around less than two years, and i think a large amount of bloggers just poop out. some at 6 months, some at 1 year, some at 1 1/2. those seem to be the major drop points. and i think blogging is such a NOW thing that it's hard to resolve to do it a little. doesn't really work because it's like stepping into the middle of a conversation. or stepping in when the conversation is long over.

anne frasier said...

bekbek -- i blog a lot more when i'm supposed to be writing, so i know what you mean!

jaye -- i worry about angering the blogger overlord too! i really think i should change the title of this post to something that kisses ass. :D and instead of overlord how about GLOB? i kinda like that.

Leab said...

I agree with you about the whole deal with Blogger.
It's honestly why I'm working toward creating my own website. At least if a post if lost would be my own damn fault.
You only get so many pictures with Blogger, you can only put in so many links, and the latest rumor I've been hearing is that Blogger may start limiting the number of posts a blog can have (server issues and such).
Oh well.
Fight the good fight, fellow MN speaker.

Bill Cameron said...

Dear Blogger Overlord,



anne frasier said...

bill -- LOL! how are you people commenting? i think i'm going to have to sacrifice my cat.

kelly, i don't have many of those zen moments anymore, so maybe i was just remembering them fondly. :D

i said something like this earlier and it was actually funny -- but bogger ate it.

leab, thanks for stopping by! limiting the number of posts would be horrible, but blogger certainly has some problems that seem to be getting continuously worse.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Keep cheering, we need it! :)

I know what you mean about that Zen Zone, happened last night. I was almost in a trance and the words flew out of me in the most violent, graphic scene I've ever written.

Scaring yourself is lotsa fun!

Dee said...

anne, don't sacrifice your cat yet (well, that came out car instead of cat the first time i typed it...a freudian typo, i think).

Jim said...

Check out for a better blogging platform. I can't say enough good things about that service. And they even have this handy-dandy import script that brings over all your posts and comments. :)

anne frasier said...

daniel, that's FANTASTIC!!!! woot!!! i'm so glad to hear things are going so well!!

dee -- too late. :(



^ ^

hmm. i forgot how to make a cat.

anne said...

jim, i really don't want to go through the hassle of a move, but i'm worried that blogger is getting ready to crash. if this stuff keeps up i'll definitely look into wordpress. thanks so much for the tip. good to know that i can import much of what's here. i was worried about that.