Tuesday, November 06, 2007

RIP MacBook

no, i haven't reposted an old entry. my NEW MacBook started acting sluggish, then quit working after five days. wouldn't recognize the hard drive. i took it to apple and they got it going again. thought maybe things had just come loose during shipping. it started the sluggish thing again a few days ago, then yesterday when i tried to restart, it once again showed no hard drive. this time they gave me a new computer, but acted suspicious and said they'd never seen this problem before. i know the first generation macbooks had a lot of problems, which is why i put off getting one as long as possible. anybody else have a similar macbook experience?


Jaye Wells said...

That sucks. I've had mine for about six months with no problems (knock on wood).

Sandra Ruttan said...

It's you, Anne. And the poltergeist where you live. When you move into the church perform an exorcism and everything will be fine.

Some churches have skylights above their baptismal tanks. Could make an interesting bedroom.

Kelly Parra said...

Okay, this is kind of technical, but the new macs are made with intel core. If you don't get the programs such as word and that are made for intel core, the programs are slow and sluggish on your new macs, often crashing your computer.

the problem is when I bought my new imac, they didn't have the new intel core programs and I had to have the one that slows dowqn my computer, even thought the mac guy said, yeah it's compatible, which it is, but not intel core compatible, which would work better.

Don't know if you understand this, but this could be a part of your prob. or not! *shrug*

anne frasier said...

jaye, after six months, you're probably safe. i think the bad ones start acting squirrelly right away.

sandra, there aren't any baptismal tanks or skylights. hmm. but maybe i should consider putting in an altar and baptismal tank. heh!

kelly, hmm. at first i was thinking you had something there, but then i recalled that i hadn't put any applications back on the computer other than a new version of word. but my daughter did re install my entire user file, and i wonder if that had some weird, incompatible stuff in it. and i know macs aren't supposed to get viruses, but my old computer quit when i was reading an email. and yesterday the old new computer froze when i tried to open my email.

right now we haven't transferred my old files and info to this new computer. maybe i should leave it this way for a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Ack! That's so unacceptable. Unbelievable, really. This is putting a serious dent in my impression that Apple products are indestructible.

That's probably the last thing you need as you get ready to move.

angie said...

Don't wait to get everything loaded onto your macbook. If there is some kind of problem, you need to know now, while it's still under warranty. Also, the repair techs should have been able to look at the computer and see if you were installing files or programs that slowed it down. I know it's a pain in the ass, but get it fixed while you're still in a metro area - you don't want to be dealing with this out in the boonies!

There is no such thing as an indestructible computer, but I'll take a mac over a pc any damn day.

anne said...

jason, yeah, i keep thinking maybe i should get my old computer repaired so i'll have a backup. at least they gave me a new one, but the woman i had to deal with this time treated me like a criminal. the new ones have leopard on them, so she probably thought it was something i'd done to the computer on purpose. she also said she'd never seen the problem, but online it looks like macbooks have been having just that very problem.

angie -- ah, excellent thinking! and yeah, it is going to suck being so far from the city when this kind of thing happens. i've been to the apple store four times in the past few weeks. and you can bet i've been worrying about dealing with problems once i move.

i'm really thinking of shelling out the 300 bucks to get my old iBook repaired. a lot of people have desktops, but the macbook is the only computer i have.

Jamie Ford said...

Wow, that sucks. I'm a mac fan, but yeah, they do produce a lemon once in a while.

I have a 20" iMac that overheats and conks out once in a while. I bought it used online and took it in for repairs only to find that the serial numbers were missing inside and out. Yes, apparently I bought a stolen iMac...

Daniel Hatadi said...

There's some talk around that some of the hard drives in Macbooks are dodgy. This might be what's happening to you.

If it's something that's specific to a particular brand of hard drive, Apple's usually pretty damned good with recalls and the like.

I've got a black Macbook and I'm running fine with everything, including Word 2004 (the latest version for Mac).

START: mini-rant, not directed at anyone in particular

It's funny, though, that whenever something goes wrong with a Mac, it's newsworthy. PC users have been conditioned to expect trouble with operating systems and hardware. Thing is, any complex system is bound to have some troubles here and there. It's called entropy.


anne said...

jamie, i've contacted the proper authorities and the CIA will be getting in touch with you. please give them your full cooperation in this matter.

daniel, yeah, that sounds like what happened to me. luckily the first time i brought it in -- five days after purchase, the guy who worked on it extended the normal two weeks/full exchange thing to a month. that saved my ass, although i suspect they would have given me a new one anyway.

i think mac problems are more newsworthy because the product is so much better. when it fails it's a much bigger surprise because expectations are so much higher.