Saturday, June 25, 2005

do you scare yourself?

people ask me this all the time. and my answer is always no. very few things that i read, watch, or create actually scare me. i guess real life is so much scarier than anything i could invent. and yet... i recently read john connolly's bad men. wasn't scared at all while reading it. wasn't scared a day later. but then, last night, i was wandering around the house about 2:00 am. walked past some windows -- and suddenly remember the part of the book where the gray girl with the black eyes floats and hovers outside a two-story window.


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Kelly Parra said...

Sorry, yep, I do it all the time. I'm a very visual person, so when authors really get into the descriptive I'm visualizing every gruesome, frightening detail. And I usually read at night when the house is quiet, dim, everyone's asleep. Or so I think, until one of the kids sneaks up on me and freaks me out. Yep, big geek here.

e-mom said...

Reading doesn't scare me. But if I watch something scary, I get freaked out for about a week. BUT I am weird at nite, if everyone is asleep but me, I swear I hear people in the house. You'd think with 2 dogs in the house, I'd realize that they would bark, but alas, I'm an idiot. My friend and I were just talking about the monsters under the bed.

anne frasier said...

it's so strange. the later it is, the scarier things seem. why is that? because your brain is actually in that twilight sleep mode? almost waking dream mode? and i can be okay if i'm in bed, but if i have to go to another room, walk around a dark corner... and if i've left a shade up, and there is glass with blackness beyond. wahhhhh!