Thursday, June 23, 2005

the hold steady

i am kinda crazy about this band.

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they just released a new album that is what i guess would be called a concept album -- but that seems too dreary and heavy to really describe it. the songs are somewhat connected in a somewhat disjointed yet jointed way. :D the album is set in minneapolis/st paul where two of the band members used to live.

the current state of music is so pathetic, and it's been so long since a band has come along that seemed real. maybe that's why i'm excited. even though you might say the hold steady reminds you a little of lou reed's new york period, or elvis costello, or wall of voodoo, or even bruce springsteen, the sound and clever lyrics are very much rooted in minneapolis. Craig Finn captures the dark, artistic despair and desperation of the twin cities music/party scene.

the hold steady

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