Friday, August 12, 2005

spam -- tasty, easy, nutritious!

order an extra box for the fallout shelter!!

all the recent talk about blog spam made me think of this place:

spam museum

i live in minnesota, but have never been to the spam museum. :( i'm so ashamed.


Kelly Parra said...

LOL! Call me slow...I was thinking "cyber" Spam! Duh. ;D

anne frasier said...

:D that is so funny!!

kelly, you don't live in the midwest. we have to take our entertainment where we can get it.

Jeff said...

A fallout shelter would be the ONLY place I'd eat that stuff!
Anne, you're so right about us midwestern folks finding entertainment. Why, just today I spent the entire morning copying and pasting really cool stuff I found on "website not responding" to all my friends. And they say we don't know how to have fun . . . geezzz!

anne frasier said...


oh, yeah. we can have fun watching the corn grow.

years ago i was at a conference in st. louis. we had some kind of singing/dancing crap for banquet entertainment. it was the most hillbilly thing you've ever seen. my editor had to duck and run from the room she was laughing so hard.

e-mom said...

I have never eaten spam. Bizzare as it may being white trash and all, but no one in my family ever had it. Course e-daddy tells me this recipe about spam and mac and cheese. Trust me, I'll never make such an item.

anne frasier said...

my grandmother used to fry it and serve it with eggs. pretty nasty.