Friday, August 26, 2005

suggestion box

my blog suffers from severe lack of focus.
there are several reasons for this.
1. i'm lazy.
2. i'm not a talkative person. i tend to try to get my point across in one short sentence -- which doesn't work well here.
3. i don't feel i should talk much about writing, because that's already being done so incredibly well by many other writers on many other blogs. that doesn't leave a whole lot. music. my cat. i could talk about my neighbor -- aka ***** ****** -- but he might read this.
as you exit the building, please leave suggestions in the suggestion box located to the right of the door.


Jeff said...

Damn! I put my suggestion in the box like you said, but instead of the box on the RIGHT, I put mine in the one on the LEFT! Come to find out it's one of those fire box things where you have to use this little hammer to bust the glass open to get anything out! Now I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? :)

anne frasier said...


that's worse than my daughter mailing letters in those green postal boxes that aren't for public use.

Kelly Parra said...

Anne, I like your blog. I never know what I'll find! LOL!

Hmm, but if you ever feel inclined, I know you love writing thrillers, but what was the story on how you went from writing romance to thrillers. Sorry if I missed it before!

anne frasier said...

thanks, kelly. :)
i guess if my blog has any kind of theme, it would be news of the weird. maybe that's okay.

bonniesue said...

I've been lazy, I haven't read or posted. Is your neighbors first name sonofa?

anne frasier said...

no, lilac. :D