Thursday, December 01, 2005

15 Book Things Meme

kelly at words of a writer tagged me for a book thingy.

this was fun, but i couldn't come up with 15!

Hardcovers: I'm not crazy about hardcovers. They are too big and heavy. The latest Elizabeth George book is like a Bible. It really is uncomfortable to read. You almost need a bookstand for it. it's true.

Trade paperbacks: I like trade paperbacks. I like the way they feel and look. They bend and are easy to read. Big print with a nice space between the lines. I even think they look nice when the edges get ratty. Like old jeans.

Library books: Not crazy about library books if they seem particularly and recently read by too many people. Kinda grosses me out. If they've decontaminated a long time, then they're okay. A nurse once told me germs can live months trapped in a library book. Is that true? That seems like one of those stories nurses sometimes tell. Ahem. Like the guy on the motorcycle who gets in a wreck and ends up in the emergency room with a cucumber taped to his inner thigh.

Old books: But I like old books with yellow pages and leather binding.

Books are heavy.

Books are hard to move.

I have an attic full of books that I will unpack if I ever find a permanent place to live.

Since I think I'm going to move, I don't want to put up book shelves. So I have piles of books that are now on the floor and on dressers, in closets and on the floor. And on the floor. Did I say on the floor? :D

I've been thinking a lot about creating a room that has rows of shelves down the middle, like a library.

I have a lot of books I wish I hadn't gotten rid of: and I have a lot I'd like to get rid of. But I'm afraid they will then turn into the ones I regret getting rid of.

anybody else want in on this?


emeraldcite said...

We'd be happy to store books for you :) Are they signed? lol.

I hate moving. Last time we moved (twice in six months, thanks Hurricane Charley), we had fifteen paper ream boxes filled and a couple of duffles.

They were heavy. It was so bad that our family refuses to help move the book boxes. :( They just don't love 'em like we do.

We also collect rare books. We found a first edition Light in August at a library sale. Cost: $.50

Didn't know what they had. Hell, I didn't know what I had until later...

Can't imagine how many boxes we'll have next move. I think a good portion of our monthly budget goest toward books (at least 100-150 a month).

We're such junkies.

anne frasier said...

at least you and your wife are addicted to the same thing. and you don't smoke it. :D

i once found a first edition of silent spring at a library sale. i think it was 50 cents too. maybe 25.

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for playing, Anne!!

Ack, on the germ infested library books. This is one of those things that needs to be on Urban Legends: Myth or Reality. ;D

Jeff said...

Anne- What I like is the room with shelves down the middle like a library. I'd love something like that.:)
I'm guessing I'd need a room big enough to accomodate at least four or five rows of shelves to contain my book collection. Then I could bring up the books I have boxed up in the basement. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Anne, I linked to you from one of my book facts. ;)