Wednesday, December 28, 2005

what blog?

i know i've been slacking in the blog department. i have a revision i hope to get in the mail after the first of the year, but here are a couple of things i found entertaining today:

the onion's
least essential albums of 2005

M.J. Rose has a new vidlit out for THE DELILAH COMPLEX. It's probably one of the coolest book videos i've seen to date.


read an excerpt

"The second in the series starring sex therapist Morgan Snow is a big leap forward from 2004's THE HALO EFFECT, mostly because of the social underpinnings about the psychology of female sexuality and why it's so unbelievably difficult to accept that women can desire and demand pleasure. But this is, of course, a suspense novel, and one that's awfully hard to stop reading with some unexpected twists to close things out."
-Recommended by Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind


Jer said...

I loved the Halo Effect. Will have to get the new one--as soon as it's in paperback. :)

emeraldcite said...

Good luck on the revision!

emeraldcite said...

I love The Onion!

So funny.

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for pointing out Rose's new vidlit. Will check it out. I curious to know if they did drawings again for the movie...

Good luck with getting the revisions out!

anne frasier said...

thanks, gang!

yes, the vidlit is all done in flash i believe. about one minute. i loved the street sign. i think the last one she had done was longer (?) but a minute of flash art is probably enough. anyway, some really good images in this one.

Jeff said...

I like the book video.
The Onion is great, as usual.
Good luck with your revision. :)

emeraldcite said...


that was good. the street sign was great. hmmm...flash. what a great tool.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I think everyone has been slacking in the blog department, myself included. It's the holiday slow down.

The Delilah Complex sounds like a good one.

The least essential albums article was hilarious. LOL.