Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i'm not back

the wind chill was 10 below zero when i left minneapolis. arrived in savannah to darkness, light fog, and drizzle, then immediately got lost downtown. pulled into the crack kroger to check my map. guy pulls in next to me in a red and beaten Chevy S-10. window down. he's shouting at everybody who walks past. then he pulls out his crack pipe and starts taking hits.

yep, crack kroger. not just an urban legend.

yep, savannah.

dark, decayed, sad, and scary. oh, and beautiful.

supposed to be 60 and sunny today. don't know if i'll have internet, so i might not be online. or i might find a cafe so i can get MY fix.


Heather Harper said...

Oh dear. And is this where you are moving to?

Florida is gorgeous,too. I will never forget the palm tree lined parking lots as I would pull into Barnes and Noble in Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail.

And then I would fend off crack whores.

Because as the world knows, pregnant moms pushing strollers really have a craving for crack whores.

I hope you get your "fix". ;)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Savannah's beautiful, ain't it? The old architecture, the streets thick with history, the hookers giving five dollar handjobs in an alley so they can get another hit from their pimp.

God, I love the south.

Hulles said...

Five bucks? I'm outta here.

angie said...

All those romantic notions of Mayberry are nothing but pipe dreams...

Couldn't help it, had to go for it.

emeraldcite said...

Well, our crack head who got his arm bitten off by a gator trumps your redneck crack head.


enjoy the weather!

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I am SOOO envious.

That you're taking time off.

That your book is in the mail.

That you are traveling.

As I sit here in my lonely pit, working desperately to meet my deadline.

Have a great vacation.

Anne McAllister said...

What??? You went somewhere warm? How dare you? That's letting the side down. How will we survive up here in the frozen tundra knowing you're down there in the South with the crackheads and such?

Bill Cameron said...

Gah! It's cold here too! (Have fun, Anne!)

anne frasier said...

heather, those crazy crack whores.

stephen, there's definitely a strange acceptance to much of what happens here, even homicide. oh, i'll probably get in trouble for that comment.

hulles, is five bucks a bargain?

angie: those romantic crack-pipe dreams. *sigh*

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite: i read about the gator crackhead! LOL!!

yes, you win!!

rob, you'll get there soon. i decided to take advantage of this little window. normally i tell my editor i'm going out of town and she panics and i cancel my trip. this time i just went for it. shhhhh.

anne, 70 degrees tomorrow. nanner, nanner!! :D

bill, thanks!

this is kind of funny. well, maybe just to me. i always rent the cheapest vehicle, but they didn't have it ready so ended up giving me a minivan for the same price. around 10 to 12 bucks a day. i've never driven a minvan in my life. i'm starting to like it. :O

you can carry your whole world with you.

bekbek said...

The minivan is Satan.

mai wen said...

I've heard Savannah is gorge, you have to post some pictures for us! Minivans without kids are cool, minivans with kids, let's just say there's nowhere safe to sit...

actually that goes with any car with kids.

Hulles said...

I'm with bekbek. That is, I agree with her comment. I think the law requires you to talk on a cell phone while you drive it; you might want to check.

After thinking about Satan being a minivan, if that's true I've been getting advice from an impostor all my life.

anne frasier said...

bekbek, the only thing more satanic is an SUV. if i'd ended up in a an SUV -- haha! sorry to SUV drivers. i know they have their place. and that's usually in front of me, behind me, to my left, and to my right.
mai wen, i've taken a ton of photos. unfortunately most were in cemeteries! and i am really liking how the minivan rides. so that means it really is satan.

hulles, damn. i'll bet you're right about the cell phone. i have a cell phone, i'm not not sure i could answer it without looking over the keypad for a few minutes.

Anne McAllister said...

70 degrees? Don't talk to me. Supposed to be FOUR here tonight. Argh. Would love to see the pix of cemeteries, though. Doesn't everyone take pix of cemeteries when they travel? I know I do. I miss my SUV. The dogs miss my SUV.

anne frasier said...

anne, SUVs are nice when you have dogs.

four degrees??????

jeez. I don't even want to know what it's going to be in MN!!