Wednesday, December 06, 2006

on the lam in savannah

2:00 p.m. and i hadn't eaten since early morning. this might be the place to mention that i've always had a fairly severe hypoglycemic problem that's easy to control at home, but not so easy when i travel.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia include:

hunger (never for me.)

nervousness and shakiness
dizziness or light-headedness
confusion (this is the biggest)
difficulty speaking (let's blame it on low blood sugar)
feeling anxious or weak

anyhoo, i spent a couple of hours walking all over bonaventure, and it was actually getting HOT. maybe 75, and i think i was dehydrated on top of no food. ended up finding a parking spot at factor's walk. this is the real tourist area of savannah that i usually avoid, but there are a lot of places to eat so i thought it would be fast. thought there has to be somewhere to get a quick sandwich and something to drink. menu by doors looked okay, but step inside and it's fancy waiters and tableclothes.

just shove a sandwich in my mouth. i don't care what it is.

i was about to pass out, so decided i had to go into one of the fancy joints. found one with a soup special. took about 15 minutes for the waiter to come even though the place was almost deserted. i ordered soup thinking it would be immediate. he comes back about 30 minutes later and says they are making it FROM SCRATCH. It will be a while, but it will be SO GOOD! then he dashes off before i can tell him to forget it. i wait another fifteen minutes. horrible headache by this time. and now i feel like i might both pass out and vomit. or pass out in my own vomit. he brought me a glass of tea, but tea on an empty stomach is not a good thing. last time i did that i ended up sharing a bench in chatham square with a homeless man while the ground tilted and the trees swirled above our heads. the poor guy got up and left and i sprawled out on my back in a puddle of cold sweat.

in these situations i normally avoid surgarloads like powerbars. now all i could think about was the powerbar i had in the car. just kept thinking about it. gotta get that powerbar somehow. gotta get food. need food.

i'm in a goddamn restaurant, and i'm trying to figure out how to get food.

if i could make it to the van i could eat the powerbar then take some tylenol. i wait maybe another 5 minutes, put 5 bucks on the table and leave. was there a total of 45 - 60 minutes. back at at the minivan, i managed to eat some of the powerbar, took the tylenol, and drove to parker's market and bought a turkey sandwich. i'm feeling somewhat normal now. not sure i've ever walked out AFTER ordering. it was kinda fun, and the place certainly deserved it. 5 bucks was too much to leave, but that's all i had.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

You need to carry some grub in your purse, trail mix or something like that.

pattinase (abbott) said...

This is almost as scary as your books. Maybe Savannah is not the ultimate destination for Anne.

angie said...

Oh yuck. A similar deal happened to me in San Francisco. Lots of walking up and down steep ass hills in Haight Asbury, not enough water, missed lunch, yadda, yadda, yadda. Fortunately, the gnarly little middle eastern restaurant was faster than your up-scale hell-hole and had truly awesome Moroccan iced tea. Did I mention the hookah?

So yeah, snacks good. Hypoglycemic freak out, bad.

Heather Harper said...

I keep trying to get my husband to stash snacks in his car, in his laptop case, etc... He doesn't listen. And then he calls me on his cell phone to keep him talking so he doesn't pass out while he's driving.

Excluding blood sugar and bad waiters, are you enjoying yourself?

anne frasier said...

patrick, but i have to do my part to keep up the reputation of yankee asshole.

patti, LOL! but i can mess up like that anywhere. it's easy!

angie, that sounds cool even with the freak out. and aareally nice meal can turn things right around. sounds like you and i would be the first to get kicked off survivor. :D

i'd be lying under a tree drooling 4 hours after the beach landing.

heather, i once rear ended somebody when i was in that comatose state. not good.

heather, i'm loving it. i sat outside all evening. i have to find out the name of the tree in the middle of the courtyard. it's loaded with these flowers that smell like lilacs. the leaves look like a magnolia, but not the flowers. this is heaven. i think i'm going to have to at least winter here next winter.
heading home tomorrow. brrr.

Anne McAllister said...

Well, if you'd collapsed outside when it was FOUR degrees, you would have frozen and we would have been stepping over you on the way to warmth. So maybe Savannah is a good place. Though I dunno. Can you stand it after the frozen north? Take a power bar in your pocket next time.

anne frasier said...

anne, you are absolutely right!!! it would be nice to live in a place where i can pass out and not die. i think that's a solid goal.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

"but i have to do my part to keep up the reputation of yankee asshole."

Aw hell, everybody knows I'm the biggest asshole north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Anonymous said...

Now look. I know we said the cemeteries are beautiful and all, but let's not get ourselves dolled up for a dirt makeover. M'kay?

No more close calls.

Although in retrospect, it does sound pretty hilarious. :D

bekbek said...

There're a couple of places along there that have bars. You set down at the bar and order a Guinness. It's got meat and potatoes built right into it.

Alternately you say to the bartender, "Okay, starving here, what's on the menu that takes five minutes?! POLLY WANT A CRACKER!"

Honestly, though, I don't care what anybody says, I like that part of town, and I like the restaurants. They're the only places in all of Georgia that understand CATFISH IS NOT A SEA FOOD.


Jaye Wells said...

Man alive, Anne. I'm surprised you didn't grab that dude by the lapels and demand bread at least. Guess you really were out of it.

Is this trip the first step toward a move?

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm with Jaye. Where was the bread basket?

Zinnia said...

I get the same thing when I forget to eat. Yes, I actually forget to eat.

Totally relate to the restaurant issue. I've been to a few places like that myself.

Tami said...

Oh man, that doesn't sound fun! Glad you're liking the weather though. Have a safe and happy trip back home.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Okay, so, what's the verdict on Savannah? Do you like it? Here I was thinking there'd be no update until today!

anne frasier said...

patrick! damn, i want to be the biggest asshole!

bekbek, maybe i've just hit the wrong places on factor's walk. i've had a bad experience every time i've gone there.

jaye, i thought about trying to catch him to get something to actually EAT, but i also feared he would vanish and i'd have to wait another 15 minutes for bread. then i would have felt more obligated to stay. or at least that's what my brain was telling me.

anne frasier said...

mindy, yeah! i know. and this was a place where someone was standing outside on the sidewalk begging people to come in, passing out menus and rattling off the lunch specials -- which i ordered. pfft!

thanks, tami!

sandra, this was my fourth trip to savannah and i still love it. it has some things i dislike and have a hard time dealing with, but i do like the place.

it's very strange that it doesn't really have that much (anything?) going on in the way of music or books. minneapolis/st. paul is so much about both, so it's hard to drop into the middle of a city that doesn't have either one. yes, there's all the stuff for midnight in the garden of good and evil, but that's just a tourist hook. it doesn't reach beyond that to booklovers.

Hulles said...

Anne, just FYI if the tree is the same one I remember her name is Daphne. And I'm looking forward to having you back here where it's real learned and shit.

I also am hypoglycemic, but I haven't rear ended anyone while comatose yet. Guess I'll add that to my See, It Really Could Be Worse list, which is the only one of my lists that is shrinking.

I'm jealous of your visit to the cemetery.

anne frasier said...

jason, yes, i was hoping it would seem pretty funny rather than pitiful or curmudgeony. :D

hulles, daphne.... hmmm. hug a tree. ;)

anne frasier said...

zinnia, forgetting to eat really is what it's all about isn't it? sometimes i just don't want to bother with food. and other times....

Mary Louisa said...

Prodigal blogreader, here. OMG, your description gave ME the dizzy sweats! Sorry it had to happen to you, Anne.

anne frasier said...

hey mary louisa!! one of my favorite peeps!

well, this particular thing used to happen to me quite a bit, but not so much anymore. i'm glad for that. or maybe it means i need to get out more!