Sunday, December 31, 2006


My publishing house, Penguin Group, is doing something interesting. They now have a website similar to As far as I know, individual readers have never been able to purchase directly from the publisher before. Penguin even put my book trailer on their site, which is pretty cool. And yes, they call them trailers. (Wonder if they've received a cease and desist letter?)

Penguin Group

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Sandra Ruttan said...

That's interesting Anne - wonder if this hints at future trends?

Bill Cameron said...

Aye, very interesting!

Dee said...

As your #1 "Anne Fan", I think this is great news!!
Happy New Year!!! Rock on!!!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Oooh, I hope this is a trend. Will they give you higher royalties for direct-from-the-publisher sales? I think you should demand a negotiation. :-)

Heather Harper said...

That is cool.

Happy New Year, Anne! Keep warm. ;)

anne frasier said...

it will be interesting to see how it goes for them. the site has a completely different feel to it now. social. used to be more of an online catalog for bookstores.

s.w.: higher royalties.... haha! but that really is an interesting point. if this is successful, that might be something that will happen down the road. i did notice they don't seem to have any discounts, so i still think people will order from amazon unless penguin comes up with some kind of incentive program.

happy new year, everybody!!

Hulles said...

I thought the Penguin site was actually pretty nice. At least the AF part. So they call them trailers, eh? Wonder if they are tornado magnets like the ones in Iowa. Congratulations. I like it when they promote you.

anne frasier said...

hulles, lol!

about a year ago i received a cease and desist email after calling the Pale Immortal book video a book TRAILER. the letter came from a company that has actually registered book trailer as a trademark. pretty funny that my publisher is calling them trailers.

emeraldcite said...

And yes, they call them trailers. (Wonder if they've received a cease and desist letter?)

wonder if their 800 high-powered lawyers give a damn... ;)

Happy New Year!

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite -- happy new year!!

and i was thinking the same thing about the lawyers!

jamie ford said...

Weird. Retailers don't normally like direct sales from the distributor...

Strange indeed. Happy New Year by the way!