Friday, December 08, 2006

more photos

this cheap digital camera does something weird in black and white that i like. intense depth-of-field and an almost painted quality to the foreground.

sometimes people steal stones, cover them with a layer of cement, and write a new name. these blog images aren't very good, so i just added about 40 or 50 pictures to my flickr account which you can find in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

The first picture has an infrared b&w feel to it.

Yes, very dramatic and visceral.

Dee said...

I really enjoyed the photo tour of Bonaventure Cemetery! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

angie said...

As always, great photos. looks like Savannah could agree with you as a poss. new home. Besides, for all its faults, the south is really a fascinating and often friendly place to live.

Hulles said...

Thanks for the photos from me as well. Unfortunately Jason Evans already said "visceral." I was going to say "visceral." The hell with it:

Very visceral images, Anne. Nice work. (Sticks tongue out at Jason Evans.)

anne frasier said...

jason, i never noticed the infrared quality. i've always wanted to work with infrared. i remember asking you about it a long time ago.

dee, thanks! bonaventure is one of the coolest cemeteries i've ever seen.

angie, i think you're right. this was my 4th visit to savannah, and before my return i tended to remember the bad and not the good. things like the crackheads, high rate of muggings, lack of good music, no literary scene. but my god, it's so beautiful. so much to explore. somebody called it wonderfully fucked up, and that's a pretty good description.

hulles, you managed 3 viscerals. LOL! and thank you. :)

Alex Adams said...

Wow, those are really spectacular! I love elaborate graveyards, but around here we don't seem to have any. In fact, if you can believe this, one of the graveyards here in San Antonio has a Motel 6(or one of those cheesy chains) directly behind it. And by that I mean you can practically smell the cremation from your second-floor window.

Back to Savannah, it still remains at the top of my must-visit list. And your pictures have just given me another reason to plan a trip there soon.

anne frasier said...

alex, i LOVE the mental image of the motel 6 next to the cemetery!!! oh wow. talk about bleak!

i'm glad you enjoyed the photos. too bad i didn't take any of things other than cemeteries, but the historical district is STUNNING. but do remember that it can be dangerous in even the most lovely areas. muggings are big there, and tourists are targets. the first time i went i carried a purse through forsyth park. later i was told that was a stupid thing to do.