Sunday, September 25, 2005

25th annual midwest booksellers association trade show

the midwest booksellers association trade show was this weeking in st. paul, mn. i'd never attended before. i don't know why, because it's such a great way to meet booksellers -- and a great way to see old friends. i signed free books for an hour, met a lot of booksellers, then checked out the other booths, which were mostly publishing houses displaying their fall selections. the one thing i kept hearing was that there weren't the give-aways this year. i imagine this is a reflection of hard times.

cut to mall of america where eight members of midwest fiction writers later signed books in conjunction with their annual mini conference. a lukewarm turnout, but kathleen eagle asked me if i'd ever once had a publicity photo taken with a parrot on my shoulder. hmmm. don't give me ideas, kathleen.


Jeff said...

I keep hoping the trend in decreasing book sales will stop and move in the other direction.
The question of the publicity photo with the parrot made me think of an old Peter Sellers Pink Panther movie in which his disguise was a black eye patch, fake wooden leg, and an air filled rubber parrot on his shoulder that kept leaking air and he had to keep pumping his arm to reinflate it. Eventually he overinflated the parrot and it shot skyward from his shoulder. He said, "Thar she blows!" Pure slapstick but SO funny. :)

anne frasier said...

OMG! i remember that Peter Sellers bit now!!! you're right. it is hilarious!!

about 18 years ago, somebody did have a publicity photo with a parrot. i can see it in my mind, and it's driving me crazy trying to remember who it was. julie somebody....

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I prefer monkeys. Or how about reptiles?

Birds.... not so much.