Monday, September 05, 2005

it's in the mail

let the anxiety begin.
i mailed out my manuscript today.
i'm one of those writers who hovers over her story, hiding the print from anyone who might happen by. don't look! you can't look!

i don't like to talk about it. nobody sees it but me. it's mine! mine! if someone innocently asks, what are you working on now, i snarl at them. how dare you ask such a personal question! quit poking at me! i don't want to talk about it. it's private! private!!

the idea behind the craziness is to keep it pure. to keep it as close to the original shape and color and feel as possible. as soon as somebody else starts breathing on it, it changes. but the time eventually comes when you are ready. when you've taken it as far as you can take it. time for another set of eyes. my editor knows this book is a departure for me. she encouraged that. my fear is that it's too much of a departure. that i was maybe having a little too much fun. time will tell.


Kelly Parra said...

Anne, good luck with the latest book! And now I know never to ask a personal question about your work again! LOL! ;D


You can also delete the "comment deleted" post above by clicking on the trash can again when you are signed into blogger.

anne frasier said...

thanks, kelly. i'll try that!
i haven't gotten spam is so long!

Jeff said...

Anne, congratulations on getting your finished manuscript mailed. I look forward to reading it when published. Now I know the next time you say you're working on a new book to say, "That's great!" and then zip my mouth shut. hehe :)

anne frasier said...

i didn't mean to scare everybody. :D

i was just trying to emphasize how truly awful this stage is for me. :D