Friday, September 16, 2005

savannah footage -- updated

edit: okay, the video seems to be working now. if you tried to view it earlier, you may need to refresh the page.

this isn't a book video, just some cool footage put together in 2003. the first half is bonaventure cemetery, the second half shows a couple of the squares. i think you might catch a glimpse of the mercer house toward the end. and if any savannah peeps look at this and recognize the squares, let me know which ones they are!

bonaventure cemetery


Rob Gregory Browne said...

Hmmm. I'm getting sound, but Quicktime tells me I don't have the right codec to play this and it's not available from their website. Not sure what that means...

Any idea what codec was used to compress the video?

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Anne,

Cool job on the website, especially like the pop up windows in black. =D

Same here with the video, receiving sound, but I'm missing something from my Quick time software, not "codec" (what does that mean?? LOL!) something else, I guess! But usually .mov movies are viewed on PCs, I believe. Could be wrong, though. ;)

I run on a mac, older OS system, with IE 5.0. So maybe others with newer PC browsers can view it. Good luck!

anne frasier said...

rob, i passed your compression question on -- that may be the problem.

kelly, thanks. the website is much simpler now, and should be easier to update. and i signed up for go-daddy. :)

i may have to take this post down until we get the video figured out!!

thanks for the feedback.

i'm viewing it on a mac with os x. i can eventually see the video -- after about 30 minutes!! used to take 3.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Actually, Quicktime is an Apple product, so it's native to a Mac. But I've been using it for years with no problem.

Just looks to me like it needs to be recompressed with the proper settings.

e-mom said...

I think you've seen more of savannah than I ever have. In my mostly 30yrs here..I've been nowhere. I don't even know the names of the squares much less which is which. And I've never been to the cemetaries either. I should get out more.

anne frasier said...

i'll show you around next time i'm down there. :D

joann said...

It worked great on my G5. What a cool, atmospheric video; Savannah's always been my second favorite US city to visit, right after New Orleans.

anne frasier said...

so glad it's working!
yeah, savannah is beautiful. :)

DIE! DIE! said...

I love graveyards. One of my friends went on her honeymoon in Savannah. I would love to visit after reading the book and seeing her pictures.

anne frasier said...

die: bonaventure is probably the coolest cemetery i've ever seen. i love savannah, but at the same time i know it has some serious problems such as racism and crime.