Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gutter snipe

i have another flash fiction up at flashing in the gutters.

i tried something new this time, so please check it out. this is a direction I've thought about taking in book-length fiction for 7 or 8 years.


flashing in the gutters


Anonymous said...

Always, always a treat to see new fiction from you, Anne.

I left more thoughts over in the gutter.

Mark Pettus said...


A direction for book length? Please 'splain.

anne frasier said...

thanks, jason!

mark, i've always wanted to write a book based on the stories i've been told about events that took place in a particular music studio. but i'd like to put a fictional twist on it the way i did in my gutters story. I don't know if legally that can even be done. i could probably use a fictional setting and fictional characters based on the real people, but i doubt readers would be as interested in that. i don't think i'd be as interested in that.

Kelly Parra said...

You know, their story makes me wonder... I'm always fascinated with conspiracies--another great one!!

emeraldcite said...

I got an error over there trying to leave a message.

Anyway, what i said was...

I grew up on nirvana and was a huge fan (still am). I really liked the story and the same line that jason pointed out is the same line that struck me. I really enjoyed it.


Jeff said...

I left my comment over yonder flashing in the gutters. :)

Shesawriter said...

Kelly and Anne,

I read both your stories and loved them.


anne frasier said...

kelly, it is really fascinating. i have to watch all of those conspiracy theory shows.

jeff, emeraldcite, tanya -- thanks so much! :D

stay_c said...

I'd be interested in it, either way. If you draw on "real life" people who recognize the connection are going to appreciate it. People who don't are just going to think it's a great story.

Jer said...

Left a note "over there." :) Your writing fascinates me--what a way with words, and with mysterious "stuff." Yeah, not a good word, I know, but can't figure out a better one. Jer

anne frasier said...

stacy, that makes sense. and drawing on real life will hopefully make the story stronger.

jer, thank you!!