Monday, March 13, 2006

to help speeding up, please access fallowing

advice for phishers: bait your hooks with spellcheck

Chase Bank Online. Department Notice

You have received this E-mail because you or someone else had used your
Account from different locations.
For security purposes, we required to open an investigation on this matter.

In order to safeguard your Account , we require you to confirm you Banking Details.

To help speeding up this process , please access the fallowing link so we can complete
verification of your Chase Online :

To get started, please click the link below:


Jeff said...

I was taking a sip of iced tea while I read this post. Big mistake. Now I've got a mell of a hess!! Tea everywhere. LOL

Thanks a lot, Anne. :)

Shesawriter said...

ROFLOL! These people are so hilarious. I got one of those too, only it was the Nigerian banker thingie.


Jer said...

I know. Don't they think people read things? Well, maybe some people don't... yet it still is ridiculous, and damn funny. Jer

Anonymous said...

Oh, God. My Chase Bank account has been compromised. My Ebay account has been suspended. And my Paypal account is purchasing MIG fighter jets in Tajikistan (unless I provide my personal information, of course).

I hope they enjoy phishing even when they don't catch anything. That's the sign of a true sportsman, right???

But in the meantime, I'd like to phit my phat phoot up their &#@%!

emeraldcite said...

I fear the day criminals actually learn how to spell.

We will be in real trouble then...

anne frasier said...


jason, you are on a roll today!

emeraldcite: after i posted this, i actually got another one from "VISA" and it was error free as far as i could tell. yikes!