Saturday, March 25, 2006

reporting on the Once Upon a Crime event

this was the place to be.

first let me just say that i spent two hours laughing my ass off. a lot of funny stories going around, none of which i can repeat here.

i was in the final wave of writers. wished i'd gotten there earlier. too late, i spotted a few writers heading out the door. i'd really hoped to say hi to anthony neil smith, who, i must say, looked pretty dapper.

here are a few of the people there during my shift:

robert alexander -- check out his very cool book video for rasputin's daughter.

David Housewright -- edgar winner and all-around nice guy. His new book, PRETTY GIRL GONE, comes out in May. He also has a story in the upcoming TWIN CITIES NOIR.

Pat Dennis -- one of the funniest women in the twin cities.

Erin Hart -- wrote lake of sorrows, which i hear is amazing.

gary bush and chris everheart both have stories in the upcoming twin cities noir .

owners pat and gary did another great job. i don't know how they juggle everything, but they do and it all goes smoothly. yes, the place was packed but it wasn't shoulder to shoulder. did i mention that i laughed my ass off?


Kelly Parra said...

Laughing is always good! Sounds like it was a great time. =D

Jeff said...

It is a well known medical fact that laughing one's ass off is a very healthy activity and has even been shown to increase longevity.
When asked his secret to reaching the ripe old age of 105, Elbert Frack exclaimed, "I've laughed my ass off at least once or twice every day of my life."

I'm glad you had a good time, Anne. :)

anne frasier said...

kelly: yes, it was very nice.
jeff: I do believe that.

(wonder if i should i have said laughed my bum off...)

Jeff said...

Bum is way too formal. Buns might work. :)

emeraldcite said...

jeff: so I should stop brooding so often and maybe crack a smile?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Many fans there?

Shesawriter said...

Wish I couldn've seen it. Hope you had fun for everyone. :-)

anne frasier said...

i don't know what kind of a turnout they had as far as non-writers. i'm curious about that and will have to check with pat and gary. i didn't show up until the last hour -- 3 hours into the event -- and i guess by that time things were really winding down. i think when i was there we had maybe 50 - 100 people counting the writers in that time slot. i signed a few books, but didn't expect to sign any since i don't have a new book out.

there is one small table -- otherwise everybody stands and wanders around. if someone wants a book signed, they pull it off the shelf and then find the author -- which can be a bit overwhelming. we did wear nametag necklaces, but those tend to hit at crotch level and mine kept slipping inside my coat. heck, i was just there to socialize anyway. :D although i'm thinking if we slapped namecards on our foreheads...

it's a little like being in a crowded bar without the booze. i think the event has kind of evolved into more of a party for writers, but people were lined up at the cash register the entire time.

tanya -- i think i did have fun for everyone!

Jer said...

I love it when people laugh their ass off. I've been trying for years, but it's still the same size.

anne frasier said...

jer, that's strange. i don't even have an ass anymore and am thinking about implants. i wish i could laugh my belly off.

Anonymous said...

sorry i missed you. must've been out on my way back home. long drive. thanks for the compliment, though.

next time, you get a PBR a tthe Bulldog on me (unless you're a teetotaler. Well? Are ya?)


anne frasier said...

not a teetotaler, but a lousy drinker. it's sad, because drinking is something i used to be good at... you'd think it would be like riding a bike, but it's not.