Thursday, March 23, 2006

so bad it's good

this is one of my favorite bad reviews of Before I Wake.

This physcological thriller is a little too physcological for me. I got very tired of the split and fractured personalities of almost everyone in this book. Saying that, let me go on.

Arden Davis was a profiler for the FBI. She took part in an experiment to help her understand the serial killer's minds better. Many people dropped out but she persevered until she went home for Christmas and supposedly one of the serial killers she was learning about killed her family. It was his signature MO. When he was being executed he revealed that he DID NOT kill her family, he tells Nathan Fury in a note that he killed the rest but not them.

Nathan Fury is an FBI agent who started the program run by a brillant scientist, but he dropped out when he started thinking about killing as the ultimate high. He figures maybe Arden killed them while in some kind of trance taken over by the evil mind that has been fed into her brain. He finds her tending bar in Arizona and although they have had an affair she doesn't remember him at all. She had let the agency give her a brainwipe to remove her memories, unfortunately it hadn't quite worked, she still had vague memories and dreams, she couldn't trust herself that anything she remembered was real.

When Fury reveals what French(the serial killer) told him, he convinces her to come back to the lab so they can determine what happened. This woman is so physcotic you don't know what is going on. She is promiscuious, paranoid and so wrapped up in her own mind she can't function very well.

Even though the experiment was supposedly stopped, there are several more people at the saniterium. This was the biggest mess I have read in a long time. I did not like any of the characters and by the end I just wanted all of them dead, so I could stop reading. I just have to finish any book I start and this one was way over the top. Even at the end we have no idea how much of these killers she absorbed. Any one who would let a scientist mess with their brain like this deserves what he gets. Don't waste your TIME or money.


Kelly Parra said...

Is this recent?

Whoever this reviewer is they lost my interest in the review by the tone! Like the reviewer didn't even want to write this review. I find it odd when people say they disliked a book but they simple had to finish it. That doesn't make sense to me. If something is bad, I can't make myself keep slogging through.

Anyway, brush it off Ms. Fraiser. You have lots of admirers of your novels and uber talent. And I loved the way BIW played out--like a suspenseful thriller movie. Awesome. ;D

ps This bad review thing is not something I'm looking forward to...

Shesawriter said...


Don't sweat the dumb stuff, babe.



anne frasier said...

kelly, this is a really old review. one of the first that went up on amazon. it's so badly written that i have to think nobody would take it seriously. pretty funny. yeah, i can't imagine why somebody would read the whole book, then write a long review about how much she loathed it. mixing pain pills with cough syrup again, maybe?

tanya: thanks. something on your blog reminded me of this review and i had to see if it was still up.
i think it's hilarious -- although not funny if it hurt my sales, but i can't imagine anybody would read it and feel it was valid.

Jeff said...

I read this "review" a long time ago and I still laugh every time I see it. I doubt anyone takes it seriously. :)

emeraldcite said...

I read the first paragraph and the last two lines.

Just couldn't make it through, was so boring.

I was just wishing the reviewer was dead so I could stop reading it already.


Kelly Parra said...

Anne, I joined myspace--friend me!! ;D

anne frasier said...

jeff, i think this is my favorite line:

a little too physcological for me

emeraldcite: *gasp* oh my god, that is SO funny!

I was just wishing the reviewer was dead so I could stop reading it already.

anne frasier said...

woo-hoo, kelly!

i remember when i joined it said you have ONE FRIENDS for about two weeks! hehe!

Kelly Parra said...

lol! Thanks for being my friend! I'm trying to figure out the layout. I have to decide what pic to use. Something different. I'm going to be a little more laid back here, I think. ;D

anne frasier said...

i haven't really kept up over there, but it's a good way to connect with younger readers.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

That's a review? Sounds like a rambling drug addict.

anne frasier said...


you are so right!

Alex said...


Don't sweat crappy reviews by the barely-literate. Perhaps they should choose a something more their style. Like a coloring book.

anne frasier said...

alex: haha!
that was great!

Jer said...

I was your one and only friend on MySpace. What an honor.

I almost wish the rest of them were dead so I could quit reading...wait, that's not right.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

"It" didn't keep me from buying it. lol

anne frasier said...

jer: :D

joanne: i was hoping the review might work as reverse psychology. oh, i mean physcology.

i'm a horrid speller, so i shouldn't make fun of that....