Saturday, July 15, 2006

"i'm crushing your head. i'm crushing your head."

i keep trying to upload my bookcover, but it always ends up smashed even though i've resized it about ten times.

it reminds me of those headcrusher skits from kids in the hall.

Mr. Tyzik/Mark McKinney


Stephen Blackmoore said...

If you go into the code on your template you should be able to resize it manually by editing the src tag with the height and width.

bekbek said...

Shame on html then. There should be a < crush >< /crush > tag.

angie said...

LOVE those darn kids! Good luck from the professional technoninny - don't have any advice except to listen to those who know what the fuck they're doing.

anne frasier said...

stephen: thanks, that worked! i didn't know there was a way to adjust that part of the template.

bekbek: that would have helped. :D

angie: i loved kids in the hall.

"he's having difficulties with the salt."

Sandra Ruttan said...

Glad you got it working Anne! Technology is such a pain!

Jeff said...

I'm glad you got it fixed, Anne. Kind of makes me want to go into my template and start messing around with stuff. Just Kidding! You know I tried that once and ended up with the blog from hell.
I learned my lesson. :)

Kelly Parra said...

I saw that it was getting smooshed. =D I wonder why it was doing that... Looks good now!

Bill Cameron said...

Kids in the Hall were the best. "I'm crushing your head!" "I'm squeezing your face!"

I agree, we need a < crush > < /crush > tag! But despite the lack of one, I'm glad you got it working anyway.

anne frasier said...

sandra, have a good trip tomorrow! can't wait to hear all about it.

kelly, i kept wondering if maybe it looked scary rather than smooshed. but i think it just looked smooshed.

jeff, you should do what i did and make a test blog that you can mess up all you want.

bill, the sausage skit was always my favorite. i need to get my hands on a copy of that.

Bill Cameron said...


anne frasier said...

oh my god!!

it's just as good as i remembered!

some great shots and camera angles.

thanks, bill!

Anonymous said...

It's the ghost of Jay Pegg. He lurks the internet stomping on files like sandcastles. Dude has some serious, unresolved afterlife issues.

anne frasier said...

Jay Pegg. lol!