Monday, July 17, 2006

print runs, pimps, peyote dreams

Print runs are down everywhere. Some are way down. The print run for Pale Immortal isn't what I'd hoped it would be. It's not horrid, but it's not great. I won't mention numbers, but I've been told it's still possible to get on the USA Today list. This is supposed to be a fall of blockbuster releases, so that makes my chances excruciatingly slim.




I need your help.

Yes, I want to sell books within that all-important time frame, but this is also an opportunity to see if a writer has any power. And just how powerful is the internet? How powerful are blogs and the blogging community?

I'll be putting up periodic reminders and reposts about PROJECT PIMP SQUAD. You'll get sick of them, but they'll be for the people who don't visit my blog very often. Please ask your blogging friends to get involved. It's only one day, and it doesn't have to be the only post that day. Slap it up there and post on top of it. Doesn't matter.

September 5 is the day after Labor Day, so that presents a problem. I wonder if we should do this before the 5th and before Labor Day weekend. Whatever date I ultimately choose, I'll give everybody some warning, along with the youtube link and blurb. I think 100 participators will be hard to get. I'm guessing it will be more like 20, which could still have some impact. You never know. Whatever happens it will be fun and interesting.

Oh, I'm not completely sold on the name of this endeavor. If you have any other ideas, let me know.


EDIT: Nienke suggested i collect email addresses of people who want to participate. that's a great idea. if you want to be added to the pimp squad address book, post your address here or shoot me an email. if you'd rather not be added to the address book, everything you need will be posted right here a couple of days before the event and the day of the blogathon.

Peyote Dreams:

Reviews for PI continue to trickle in. I need to compile them, but here are a few snippets:

This is a stupendous work, worthy of an award nomination.
Harriet Klausner

Anne Frasier is a writer whose talent for creating vividly fractured characters and dark, disturbing atmosphere and theme is evident. If you want a taste of something a little different then Pale Immortal is definitely a heady and sinister brew.
Martina Bexta, Bookloons

Few books keep me turning pages from dark till dawn, but this one did.
Armchair Interviews

My over-active imagination made the most of the terror and turned my shadowy bedroom into a part of Old Tuonela.
Stacie Penney, Raspberry Latte Book Reviews


Mary Louisa said...

I will pimp your books any old time! Just let me know what I need to do.

Flood said...

I'm in on this, too. My blog is your blog.

Nienke said...

Hey Anne:
I suggest you collect email addys from people interested in helping. Then you can remind them right before the date.

I'm in. nienke DOT hinton AT

anne frasier said...

aw, thanks so much mary louisa, flood, and nienke.

nienke, collecting email addresses is a great idea!
i just put yours in the new pimp squad file. :D

Anonymous said...

I already have a purple hat and a white polka dot shirt picked out!

Bill Cameron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bill Cameron said...

Okay, so the previous attempt had such an unfortunate typo I had to delete it.

Trying again.

My hat is chartreuse, and has a peacock feather sticking out!

anne frasier said...

jason: i can't wait to see you in that!

bill: LOL! the typo post still came through in an email. i think that might make a good song title. :D or a very dramatic reading for open mic night.

Bill Cameron said...

Hey, that's a thought! My current WIP has an open mic scene in it. I wonder if I can weave that in...

angie said...

I LOVE the idea of a Pimp Squad! You can totally count me in (and all 10 people who actually read my blog). I'll send you my gmail acct. :o)

I can't believe my word verification almost makes sense - bbtvfx!

Kelly Parra said...

Woo hoo, blog party for Anne!! Sounds great and hmm, I think you can count me in. *wink* Should be lots of fun!!

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Count me in.

emeraldcite said...

I'll be there. I wonder if 100 bloggers blogging and linking to YouTube will get your Pale Immortal video featured.

That would be awesome!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Sign me up! I'm all over that action.

anne frasier said...

bill: i just got a flash of dobie gillis.

angie, kelly, rob, stephen: thanks!!! :)

emeraldcite: wouldn't that be something?

i'm getting pretty excited about this. i think it's going to be fun and interesting at the same time.

Jer said...

You can count on me. I get about 100 people a day at my blog. Of course they're all relatives, but some of them know how to read.

anne frasier said...

jer: LOL! thanks. :)

i'm thinking i should post some fun drink recipes for the day. it could be an all-day drunken bash!!

Flood said...


Tami said...

Hey Anne, count me in as well! This could be fun! I'll pass the word along to a few friends with blogs as well.


anne frasier said...

thanks, flood!
thanks, tami!

yeah, i'm definitely thinking drinks are in order for sept 5.

drunk blogging

sounds like fun to me :)

Jeff said...

You already know where I stand. But just for the record, I'M IN!
I'll even get one of those electronic megaphones Barney Fife was famous for using if you think it will help.
I'll start looking through my "Pimps R Us" catalogue for the proper attire. :)

anne frasier said...

jeff, a megaphone would be a nice touch! but you have to sound like barney, which i'm sure you can handle.

pimps R us! you get that too? it's one of my favorites.

jamie ford said...

Count me in.

My friend TL Hines did this last month, and just called it a blog tour. Here's a link of some of it on his site:

I think it's a great idea.

anne frasier said...

thanks, jamie!

blog tour...

that might work! :D

the girlfriends cyber circuit does something similar. i think we have around 25 members, and we blog new releases. i just do the bookcovers and reviews, but a lot of bloggers do interviews. quite a variety of things so bloggers aren't seeing the same thing on every blog. they will be blogging my book over a one or two weeks in September. it's pretty spread out, which i think is a good idea. but i have the feeling the one-day youtube party will have more impact. i don't know why. maybe because the one-day aspect gives it the feeling of a fun, community event.

Anne McAllister said...

Count me in, Anne!

Tami said...

You should see if you can also post the video on a few group blogs! Do you still belong to Riding with the Top Down?

anne frasier said...

thanks, anne!

tami, i do still belong to riding with the top down. and i'm scheduled to post sept 5! :D we're still struggling to figure out what we're doing over there, but interest seems to be building little by little.

i'm also on some listserves. some frown on self-promotion so i have to be careful, buti think it will be okay with a couple of them though.

stay_c said...

I'm in.

anne frasier said...

thanks, stacie!

Jaye Wells said...

I'd be happy to be your book ho. jayewells(at)gmail(dot)com

How about Pale Pimps?

Elizabeth said...

I'm SO posting for you on Sept. 5! Keep us posted in case you change the date.

Blog Power!

anne frasier said...

jaye, thanks! pale pimps! i like that!!

thanks, elizabeth!

the more i consider the print run numbers, the more i think the USA Today list is out of the question, but
sept 5 will be a blast anyway!!!

Alison Kent said...

I'm there!

anne frasier said...

thanks, alison! :)

Avid Reader said...

Hi Ms. Fraiser,

I am here to do whatever you want me to do for you as you know I'm a huge fan of yours. I was disappointed to learn of your print run but to think positive, we will all participate and spread the word on your books, Big Time! Time for me to start pulling out some older reviews I had on my computer for some of your other mysteries that I've read and enjoyed and you know I've left reviews for your books on Amazon as well.


anne frasier said...

oh my god! keishon!! so nice to hear from you!!!!!!

i honestly don't know if i'm in any worse shape than most of the other writers out there right now, but this seemed like a great time to try a blog experiment, mainly because i really believe in this book. my daughter put the Pale Immortal book video on youtube, and i think that's what gave me this pimp squad idea.
thank you thank you thank you for your help!!

i keep saying this, but no matter what happens i think this will be a blast!

so nice hearing from you!!!