Wednesday, October 25, 2006

more statuary


Anonymous said...

Wow, that first one is so stunning! I love the way you composed the shot. I also like the sepia-ish tone you added to the last.

BTW, what an odd posture for the angel's hands in the first. Usually, they're more austere or commanding. She has an interesting vulnerability.

anne frasier said...

thanks, jason. i agree about the pose. pretty interesting. the statuary in my earlier post was odd too -- the clothing, or lack of clothing, plus i think there had originally been something between the hands that probably told more of a story.

i think the sepia is my favorite just because of the drama and energy. that statue was on a pillar at least two stories tall.

angie said...

Great photos (as usual). And yeah, the sepia photo is my favorite, too. For some bizarre reason, I really love the little bit of tree branch that shows in the upper right & lower left corner.

And congrats on the article! How very, very cool. Nice to know the paper's got good taste!

anne frasier said...

angie, i also loved those little bits of tree branches!! it was a total accident. the sun was so bright i couldn't even see the image in the viewscreen. i kind of like those blind photos because i'm always surprised when i get home.

i think the article comes out oct 30, which will really be fun. it's not one of the major papers, so it won't be online, but even the small papers around here have large readerships.

Jer said...

Love the photos, Anne.

Am at Barnes and Noble and Pale Immortal is displayed PROMINENTLY on New Paperbacks. And I didn't even have to do it. B&N did it. Cool, huh?

anne frasier said...

jer: woot!!

that is so bizarre since the book has been out almost 2 months! i wonder if it's because of halloween? it was orginally scheduled for an october release. when things are changed, sometime the changes aren't complete, so i also wonder if it was released in some areas in october. whatever happened i'm not complaining!! that's fantastic news. thanks, jer!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anne!

Actually, your article probably WILL be online. I will send a link when I see the article.

Heather, the reporter who wrote the article. :D

Anonymous said...


Did I really use the word "article" three times in three sentences? Please forgive my idiotic post. :)

Heather, the reporter who wrote the... um... story?

Jeff said...

I really like these photos! Thanks for sharing, Anne.

anne frasier said...

heather! haha! okay, i found the paper's website! i remember looking for it before and coming up with nothing, so i assumed you weren't online. sorry!!

and another haha for your second comment! i didn't notice the repeated until you mentioned it. :D

well, i used the word SMALL in referring to your paper.
:( i should have said REGIONAL. a friend in iowa was already looking for the article on the pioneer press website, and i wanted people to know not to look there.

that's so cool that it will be online! now i'm thinking i should have put on my glasses to look at the photo though. oh my. does the photographer have photoshop? he might need it.

but didn't the statuary come out cool? i'll have to go there for some winter shots.

anne frasier said...

jeff, thanks so much! it was such a gorgeous day. that's the thing about mn -- the air is often so dry and the sky so clear. it makes the shadows dark and deep.

Kelly Parra said...

I have never seen a cemetary with these types of statues. The cemetaries in my town are all stones in the ground and the older one with the standard tombstones you see in the movies. Your photos are really compelling, and my fave is the sepia. =D

anne frasier said...

thanks, kelly. :) most of the cemeteries here are flat stones. i didn't realize statuary was that uncommon until i moved here and had trouble finding any interesting cemeteries!