Sunday, October 15, 2006

news of the day...and other stuff


the wonderful and genuine ali karim has joined The RAP SHEET!
i had the great good fortune to work with ali on the ITW Awards, and I've never met anyone more knowledgeable or more enthused about crime, mystery, and thriller novels. please pop over and check out his intro at


and ohmygod!!! i hear james ellroy is guest blogging there monday. ohmygod!!!

thanks so much to everybody who placed a bid during the ebay love without boundaries fundraiser. because of your support, julie kenner was able to raise over $8500, a figure that far exceeded her expectations!

TWANGING IN THE GUTTERS: Tribe is featuring a special Country and Western themed issue of Flashing In the Gutters.

Twanging in the Gutters

FICTIONAL MUSINGS is looking for Halloween stories.



Anonymous said...

Those photos are sure striking. I don't know whether to smile or depressed. Dreams sure look different from the outside.

anne frasier said...

sorry jason! i removed that part of the post!

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for the link!! =D

anne frasier said...

you're welcome, kelly! :)

Jeff said...

Thanks for the new links, Anne.

anne frasier said...

you're welcome, jeff. i think everybody was afraid to post on the james ellroy blog. or maybe we weren't supposed to. *shrug*