Tuesday, November 29, 2005

boise conference -- murder in the grove

this always looks like a great conference.

murder in the grove

This year's Murder in the Grove, June 2-3, 2006, with Guest of Honor Sara
Paretsky, will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sisters in Crime. One
of the top agents in the country, Meredith Bernstein, will be attending and
meeting with writers, as well as new agent (and former author with many
years experience in the film and television industry) Jo Grossman. Giving a
day-long "How to Write Killer Fiction" pre-conference workshop will be
Carolyn Wheat, who was also one of the writers at the founding of Sisters in


Rob Gregory Browne said...
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Rob Gregory Browne said...

Carolyn Wheat's book is terrific. I particularly like her 4-arc structure (I think that's what it's called) advice.

anne frasier said...

rob, i agree.

they have a pretty impressive lineup of panelists. also looks like panelists can attend the conference for free if i understood correctly. that's pretty unusual.

Mary Louisa said...

I too love Wheat's book.

Boise, Boise. Why Boise?? And don't say, "Why NOT Boise?"

Have you been to this conference before, Anne? or Rob? Would it benefit someone like me who will have a mystery manuscript finished by that point? (gods willing)

anne frasier said...

mary louisa, it looks as if they will have some promising agents for you to meet with one on one. (i think. i have to go read the info again, but i thought it said agent appointments.) also the conference should be small i imagine -- fairly big names at a small conference. that's good. i've never been, but my brother and sister-in-law live in boise. it's really is a nice town. surprised me! with a cute downtown. nice greenbelt.

damn. wish i didn't hate speaking in public. i could go for free and visit family at the same time. hmmm. i haven't completely ruled it out, because i've always wanted to go to murder in the grove.

Jeff said...

Anne- It does look like a good conference. I haven't read any of Carolyn Wheat's work but it sounds like I should check it out. :)

anne frasier said...

i've emailed them to see if they have any short question and answer session type panels. i'm just not somebody who can talk a long time on any subject. a few sentences and i'm done. :D

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Mary Louisa, I think any conference where you get to go one on one with agents, etc. is good for you. Especially if you've just completed a book.