Sunday, November 06, 2005

you move me

i had this idea i thought would be kind of fun and exciting, but i've shown it to 3 people and none of them seemed particularly impressed. if i'd done it (i haven't completely tossed it out) i would have started with a post of rules. for instance, i wouldn't have moved if only 5 people voted. it would have to have been maybe 5000 votes or something. my son pointed out that people would only find it interesting if i were sent someplace where i would be totally out of my element. a fish out of water story. but i already have that going on.

you move me


Mark Pettus said...

I live where the mosquitos are still biting. From my window I can see flowers blooming and trees still covered in green leaves.

This might seem like paradise, but after only a couple of years, I've started craving autumn, and sweaters, and snow...

Sorry, I can't be much help. Hilton Head is nice, try there.

Kelly Parra said...

Wow, this is definitely an interesting idea! It you are open for it, that's great. I would also make a rule that you have to at least be in favor of living there, and maybe a population over 10,000. ;D

Allen said...

I left my comment on that blog, Anne. Charlotte, NC. That would be the ultimate move.

Jeff said...

Southern Indiana is nice because you get to experience all four distinct seasons without any of them lasting too long. If you know what I mean. :)

anne frasier said...

mark, hilton head is too white. :D

kelly, yeah i think population is a good point.

jeff, indiana, huh? i think i drove through southern indiana once and thought it was nice.

austin, texas, is a place i think i might like -- but not in the summer.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I'll repeat here what I posted over there:

Honolulu, Hawaii. It's city, but it's easy going and friendly. The warmest it ever gets is about 85 degrees and the coolest it ever gets is about 60 degrees.

There's humidity, but a constant trade wind makes that unnoticable after a short period of adapting. The wind also blows away the smog, so the sky is always blue and always clear.

You have both mountains and beach within a few minutes drive. You have shopping malls that rival any mainland mall. You have place where you can get away for peace and quiet when you need it.

And if THAT'S not quiet enough, you can go to one of the outer islands for total isolation.

My dream would be to own and operate a writers retreat in Honolulu.

e-mom said...

posted over there..dont' you dare move to hawaii, I like rob and all, but I'd hate to have to hunt him down :-)
Indiana is horrible. (sorry)
NC is great.
Oh yeah, there's still over an acre or 2 sittin here next to me..waterfront property...ME... :-)

anne frasier said...

i saw what you said that was selling for!! i could buy it and live in a tent. :D or maybe a pickup with a topper! it is beautiful out there.

anne frasier said...

Indiana is horrible

oh, you are going to be in so much trouble. :D

e-mom said...

hey, there's a single wide trailer and a garage converted into a house over there.. some artists lived in the garage for awhile, it's major cool.

and i guess i should say that lafayette indiana is horrible. and if you think hilton head is too white..hmmmmm

Jer said...

I posted there too, anne. Want to tell you that I LOVE your spirit of adventure. Jer