Friday, November 04, 2005

a quirky meme!

i was tagged by allen at a novel idea for a quirky meme. i have the feeling people in my family would do a much better job with this list, but here's my attempt:

1. I think a lot of women my age are lame, especially white women. And I'm white.
2. I never leave the house without antibacterial hand gel. I went two years without catching a cold. Caught the last one from my hair stylist when I was getting ready to do several book signings - so I was sick as hell the whole time.
3. I never cook. I cooked three crappy meals a day for 20 years. That's enough.
4. I love music more than books. I don't think rock gets enough respect as an art form.
5. I might be an acid casualty. If you ever meet me, you'll notice that there is often a delay to my responses. It takes my brain a little while to process what you just said.
6. If I see somebody crying, even somebody I don't know, I cry too. Once I was driving down the street and saw a woman crying. I started crying.
7. I know nothing about sports, especially football, and don't want to. I used to enjoy watching my kids play hockey and softball, but why would I want to watch somebody I don't even know run and slide and fall down? Yawn.
8. I DETEST cold weather, but live in Minnesota. Every fall I talk about moving, about GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THIS HELLISH HELL, but can't decide where to go so I never do it.
9. Has Phillip Seymour Hoffman ever been named sexiest man alive? If not, he should be.
10. I love zombies!

i haven't kept up with my blog reading today, so i don't know who's been tagged.

tag: jer -- she's in new york right now, but she'll probably want to do this when she gets back
tag: emom

i'm so lazy today. i'll try to post links later!!

this was a fun meme -- thanks, allen!!


Anonymous said...

Anne, another great list!

I never leave the house without antibacterial hand gel.

Wouldn't work for me. Being on trains every day is like being in a biohazard version of Chernobyl. I'd have to use that new anti-viral fogging mist from Raid to maintain my defenses there. (Oh wow, I just had a vision of boarding a train using one of those suit contraptions from The Andromeda Strain....)

Kelly Parra said...

LOL, great list!! Some of those really made me laugh. =D

e-mom said...

but my whole self is quirky so i coulda went on for days

Rob Gregory Browne said...

It ain't acid, Anne, it's age. I've never done a lick of acid in my life and since I middle age, my brain just doesn't process as quickly as it used to.

Oh, and while I wouldn't call him sexy, I think PS Hoffman is one of our finest actors.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

hit (the missing word)

e-mom said...

well hell rob, i'm not middle aged yet and i had to read your first post a good 10 times before i figured out where the missing word went.

Jeff said...


"I don't think rock gets enough respect as an art form."

I agree. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Ditto Rob. I'm 40 and have never done acid, but lately my neurons sputter like bic lighters almost out of fluid. Gotta be age. And motherhood.

anne frasier said...

i thought poopy diapers were supposed to keep you young and sharp. kinda like smelling salts.

Jer said...

anne, I don't know what the actual meme itself asks us to do. (Yeah, I'm back from NY.) Can you direct me to the meme? I can figure out most of the questions, but not all. Thanks. Jer

anne frasier said...


The rules are simple. Reflect for a while on your quirks, then list 'em.

Jer said...

Shoot. That'll take all day.

Jer said...

Okay, I finished my response, anne. It's at

Anonymous said...

Anne check out my blog at Allen Diliegro Memories Lost. It's sad but true story! please help me get it out there!

anne frasier said...

scratching my head, scratching my head.

allen??? huh? what? where?