Tuesday, November 15, 2005



you know where to find me


Jeff said...

Anne- Boy, this old picture of the "Revision Thinking Machine" sure brings back memories. I was one of the early test subjects back in 1960. It seems my first grade teacher became concerned with my behavior. "Jeffrey needs to learn to sit still in class and keeps his hands to himself. He fails to interact with other children in an appropriate manner, and often disrupts class by staring out the window and making tractor noises."
One week later I found myself standing on a stool in the local psychologist's office with one of the early prototype "Revision Thinking Machines" (similar to the one in the photo) attached firmly to my head. It didn't really hurt, just kind of made me dizzy and trip out for a while. I think my mom said it took four or five "revising" visits to effect a cure. I was a model student thereafter and suffered no long lasting side effects. I recommend it!


Good luck with your revision. :)

anne frasier said...

often disrupts class by staring out the window and making tractor noises


jeff, this could almost be one of your inventions. maybe early exposure to the revision machine made you the amazing inventor man you are today.

Anonymous said...

I must be in a dismal mood. My first thought was to ditch the machine. Just using the overhead light's existing switch would be quicker and hopefully less painful.

anne frasier said...

jason, you forgot the bucket of water. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Anne, too funny! You know, I almost made a comment about what the person is standing on, then stopped myself. Too macabre, I thought.... I feel like giving you a high-five!

Kelly Parra said...

he-he. Good luck with the revisions. ;D

anne frasier said...

jason -- :D

kelly -- thanks!

Mary Louisa said...

All this, and the Simpsons, too? What more could a girl ask for???

Thanks for the larfs, folks. I needed them.

p.s. my anti-spam word was similar to getty-up! So DO IT!