Monday, November 21, 2005

now that's what i call viral

the bad plus asks bloggers to match writers to bands and now everybody's doing it and talking about it.

writers and bands

be sure and read the archives


Rob Gregory Browne said...

Not one of them makes sense to me.

anne frasier said...

these were some of my favorites:

P.J Harvey--Virginia Woolf

Jewel--Danielle Steele

Nirvana--William Burroughs

Radiohead--Franz Kafka

Wilco--Mark Twain

The Cocteau Twins -- Anais Nin (M.E.: ethereal, sensual, fever dreamish)

The Wedding Present/Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights)
Unrequited love, suffering, love, hate and anger all in equal measure."

Sex Pistols—Irvine Welsh

Nick Drake--Sylvia Plath

Ian Curtis--J. D. Salinger

Guided By Voices--Dave Eggers (Salvatore: unmistakable talent
who run their own label/publishing house; both are
criticized of needing an editor) (NICE ONE!!! –Ed.)

The Minutemen--Nick Hornby

Kelly Parra said...

Fun! I'm embarrassed to say, I only know about 30% of the writers and musicians listed. ;D

Jeff said...

Anne- I agree with kelly, it looks like fun, but I can see this as something else I could easily spend my time thinking about instead of my writing. ahhhh! lol

emeraldcite said...

I think Radiohead would go better with William Gibson.

They both have an etheral, post-present take on the world.

And I think that Nirvana and Burroughs are together only because Cobain did backing for a spoken word album by B.

Interesting and mindboggling.