Saturday, February 04, 2006

from the camera

while i recover from my trip, here are a few photos. thanks to all who posted while i was gone!

a B&B in gainesville, florida. it's shaped just like the house in psycho.

a cool little town of less than 700 people called micanopy, florida. i blasted through it on the way to the airport, but have to go back. it has a dark, decayed quality i loved. online it's called charming. okay, if you say so.

the square in ocala, florida


Mark Pettus said...

How did I not know that you were less than an hour from me? I would have loved to interview you while you were here, and get my copy of Hush signed. It would have been okay, I'm only a sexual deviant online.

Everything in north Florida is decayed, by the way. 100% humidity 360 days out of the year will do that, especially when the temperature never drops below fifty. They call it charming now, in twenty years they'll call it a swamp.

Jeff said...

I really like the B&B modeled after the house in Psycho. Looks like a fun place to stay.
The photo showing live oak trees with moss, centipede grass, and palmetto bushes sure bring back memories. The only thing that would make the photo complete would be a big red fire ant bed in the foreground.
Be careful when you're around the palmetto bushes with the pine straw bedding, though. Everything you find in there will either bite you, sting you, or hiss at you! hehe
Welcome back. :)

anne frasier said...

mark -- dammit!

maybe next time.
i'll probably be back down either this summer or fall. if i can drum up some book signings, i'll come down in the fall when my next book comes out.

anne frasier said...

jeff, the B&B was so peaceful and the grounds so lush! i'm glad i decided to stay there before i hit the road for ocala.
funny you should mention centipedes. my sister-in-law wanted to know when they make their appearance at my house. she wants to make sure her visit happens before that.
we decided she could take a blow torch to bed with her.

emeraldcite said...

Yeah, I think Ocala is only 2 hours from me. Let us know when you come down for signings. My wife works for the Books-a-Million down here (she's an assistant manager). Maybe she can kick up some interest in the fall.

I love the trees down here. Everything in my back yard is covered in Spanish Moss.

Some interesting wild life too. We have some resident lizards, but they keep the fire ants at bay...except when you're cutting the grass. Yeah, learned about that one the hard way my first month here...

Anonymous said...

I love tucked away towns like that. Dark and decayed.... Perfect!

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite: i love the spanish moss. it's so dark and tranquil.

jason -- i think you would love micanopy!

Shesawriter said...

That B&B *does* look kinda creepy, Anne. Did you stay there?


anne frasier said...

i stayed there one night. it was a nice B&B. didn't see any ghosts. :D i LOVED the grounds -- fountains and lush plants, meadering paths. soooo peaceful. they also have cottages they rent by the month. wondering about that for next winter....
oh, had an owl nest right outside my window. you could hear the owls hooting, then they also made some strange monkey/jungle bird sound. very cool.

Shesawriter said...

It looks like the sort of place where you could stay curled up in bed munching on snacks all day. Nice and cozy. :-)