Friday, June 02, 2006

project real life

i've been toying with the idea of inviting friends and family to guest blog. people from different walks of life. not writers, but people who are interesting. i'll try it once or twice and see how it goes. my first guest will visit monday. he just graduated from high school, and his life could be a movie or a sitcom. the way he relates a simple day puts you right there under his skin. people are fascinating. and at the heart of a good story is an interesting character. also at the heart of a good story is honesty. this is what a real person would say. this is what a real person would think.

some possible guests:

ghost hunter
recording engineer
stay-at-home mom
stay-at-home dad
tattoo artist
newspaper editor
drug addict
gas station clerk
pizza delivery guy

people would be welcome and sometimes encouraged to post anonymously in order to keep their identity a secret.

anyway, this could be one of my ideas that goes nowhere. we'll see. if it takes off, i'll probably archive these posts somewhere else so they will all be easy to access.

be sure and check back monday. you'll like it!


stay_c said...

Sounds very cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

That's a very cool idea! I love hearing the crazy stories of the people I know. Shades of what they tell me can lead to inspiration later.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I think it's a great idea, a way to mix things up a bit, and you never know - it might really take off!

Kelly Parra said...

Very cool idea! Looking forward to these posts. =D

emeraldcite said...

sounds fun! hurry up, Monday!

anne frasier said...

thanks, everybody! sometimes i get ideas that excite me but nobody else. :D when i asked monday's guest if he wanted to post on my blog, he was kind of baffled. but being the nice person he is, he still agreed. um, sure. whatever it takes to keep the old folks pacified.

anne frasier said...

by old folks, i meant me. not you guys. :D

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I think it's a remarkable idea. It's easy for so many of us to think no one would possibly be interested in our live and what we say or do. But somewhere there's somebody who'll even find hte local ratcatcher interesting.

Looking forward to Monday.

anne frasier said...

stephen, i'd definitely be interested in the local ratcatcher!

i've been very interested in writing monday guest's life story, because he has a very fascinating one. he and i have talked about it, but i've never been sure how i would approach it. from his POV would be the strongest, but would that be fiction if i'm writing it???

Jeff said...

I really like the idea. Everyone has a story to tell about their lives, and what may seem boring and mundane to them can often be quite interesting to others. I'm looking forward to reading them. :)

anne frasier said...

jeff, i totally agree! i can't wait to see how it goes over.
ya never know about these things.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oooh, Ghost Hunter - I'm there for that one.

Well, I'd show up for the others too *gg*

But ghosts - love that stuff.

anne frasier said...

eve, i hope this goes over. if so i'll begin lining people up. i have a few ghost hunters i can contact!

Tami said...

Great idea Anne! Can't wait until tomorrow. I think that's what is so facinating about certain blogs. They are just ordinary people who go about their day to day lives and ramble about it. Sometimes the most mundane task can been done completely different depends on how it is approached.