Tuesday, June 13, 2006

this and that

coming up: my ghost hunter friend has agreed to guest blog at some point in the future. i'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime, if anybody reading this would like to be a guest for project real life just drop me an email.

all about me: 200 pages and i'm halfway through the first draft. i always like to take a few days off every hundred pages, so i might not be posting as often this week. plus computer-related arthritis issues have kicked in and i know i should avoid the keyboard for a while. but i doubt i have the self-control.

about my kids: their band has been getting quite a bit of nice local press. the latest in city pages:


even more about me: i saw a cardinal and goldfinch together at the feeder today. while i was eating a chocolate cupcake. for BREAKFAST. how wrong is that?

now where'd i put that spare tire....


Bethany K. Warner said...

Not wrong at all. Chocolate cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food. If in doubt, check S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders."

Kelly Parra said...

Ghosthunting, now that has to be trippy. =D

Awesome on the first draft and for your kids! Wow, that's great!

As for breakfast, I feed my kids before school when I get home, I make my one cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Today I stopped by the store, they had these little donettes on sale. I grabbed them. Came home, made the coffee, grabbed the donette and it tasted like saw dust. I spit it out, stuck in my bread for toast. My toaster burned my bread. It was pissed I went for the donut. =D

American Highlander said...

Is that the ghost hunter that was using Glenn Miller or WWII music to lure out spirits?

Jer said...

Today at work there are two big celebrations (someone got married, another one finished her masters degree). So this translates to double the celebratory gustatory delights. (Is gustatory a word? If not, it should be.)

Anyway, anne dear, stand by me. Your spare tire will not be noticed.

angie said...

Congrats on the novel progress! It's gotta feel good. And don't you feel awesome having such cool kids? Take care of yourself re. the arthritis crap, Anne.

anne frasier said...

bethany: thank you! the guilt i was feeling just floated away!

kelly: i think that's a sign that you need to go on a quest for better junk food. :D

american highlander: yes!!! i can't believe you remembered that! :)

jer: gustatory.... i like that. :)

angie: you are so right about the kids. :)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Congrats on the novel progress.

And on a (not completely) unrelated note. Something I was wondering, and I can understand not wanting to talk about it. Or maybe you have an I've just forgotten / missed it.

What's your process? Outline like hell or write by the seat of your pants? Research until the facts blur into one big narrative ball? Get sloppy drunk and wake up with new tattoos and stories to tell?

And not only is chocolate cake for breakfast not wrong, it's actually a mark of self acceptance as a powerful and independent thinker who refuses to lock herself into the simplicity of small thinking and social conformity.

That or you just like chocolate cake.

Jeff said...
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emeraldcite said...

a post full of good news.

congrats on the halfway point!

pass on my congrats to the chambermaids. they're pretty good, from the songs up on myspace.

when isn't a good time for chocolate?

Chocolate in the morning
and in the afternoon,
chocolate in the evening
and underneath the moon.

Jeff said...

1. I want to go ghost hunting

2. Congratulations on reaching the midway point with the sequel.

3. Damn arthritis

4. Congratulations to The Chambermaids. I know you are proud.

5. Chocolate cupcake for breakfast, huh?
Well, it ain't biscuits & gravy, but I'll bet it tasted better than that spelt stuff. :)

anne frasier said...

stephen, my first reaction would be to say seat of the pants, but then i realized that's not true. (although i have wanted to get a new tattoo....)

i usually start with a 15 - 20 page synopsis. when i begin writing, i mentally break 100,000 words or 400 pages into 4 sections or acts of 100 pages each. those are broken down again into 25 pages each. i write 25 pages a week. at the beginning of each week i make a list of scenes for the week. next week same thing. i never try to think about too much of it at a time or i freak out.

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite: thanks! seems everybody seems fond of chocolate cake. :) is that poem from a children's book?

jeff: thanks! and lol! yeah, chocolate cake is better than spelt. not sure about biscuits and grazy. damn. what the hell? my typos are trying to tell me something. i've made some weird ones lately.

emeraldcite said...

No, it's some children's song with a few words replaced.

maybe skiddle ma rinky dinky dink or some such tripe. It was a song that was on Nickelodeon at some point.

Such a dumb song.

Anyway, that's just what came to mind. It fits nicely.

Shesawriter said...

I'll look forward to the ghost hunter blogger. I love it! Sounds nice and creepy. Congrats to your kids and I'm sure you're just the proudest mommy ever.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Ahhhhh! Damn. Blogger ate my comment I made earlier. Why can't it eat some of my fat instead of stealing my witty words?

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite: i like it. especially the part about chocolate underneath the moon. i believe that's one way i haven't eaten chocolate. at least not deliberately. i'll have to try it.

tanya: so nice to see you back. :) and yeah to both ghost hunting and kids!

sandra: well crap. and i think a fat-eating blogger would be great. my spare tire would be long gone by now.

angie said...

You totally inspired me - I made chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today! Okay, I cheated and used the ready-made cookie dough, but it was still very, very tasty. And I'm ignoring the whole spare tire/fat thing. Lalalalala - I'mnotlisteningI'mnotlistenin!!!

anne frasier said...

angie: lol! :D

chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. YES!!!

right out of the oven!
and i also appreciate that you used the ready-made cookie dough. if you'd said you'd made them from scratch i would have felt like a loser. :D

YOU'VE inspired me. i'll let you know when i bake mine.

Tami said...

Oh man, I could definitely go for fresh chocolate chip cookies right now (my #1 weakness.) Although I didn't have chocolate cake or even cookies for breakfast, I DID have a poptart for breakfast (okay, okay, i had both in the pack. You got it out of me!) Man those are tasty!

Congrats on the progress on your novel. You inspire me to get my butt in gear and work on my writing!

Great article about the kids!

Lori said...

Ma bakes great cakes so when I want sweets. I enjoy her cakes the most :-D
Other than maybe a few nekot cookies and KitKats (now changing from those to Paydays)
Anne, I must say though. Your writing is inspiring.
Do you do any 'big' outlining for your stories? I'm just curious.

anne frasier said...

tami -- lol! aren't those two-packs awful? how can you not eat both of them???? i guess that's the idea.

lori: welcome to my blog! all this cake talk! i might have to make a trip to the bakery. :D

i don't like to do outlines, but i always write a synopsis. i should probably create a new post on my method. good idea for tomorrow!

emeraldcite said...

I know I'd love to see the method behind the madness ;)